Three Suggested Changes the Blue Jackets Could Make To Their In-Game Fan Experience

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Gotta ditch that stupid Chili Chant as well.....No one is really excited for chili and it kills the atmosphere. Does anyone even go get their "free" chili?

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If I have to hear breathe in breathe out again I may scream. It’s been on the docket since about 2002. If gaining attendance is the goal then you have to reign in the not so huge fans or the people who aren’t fans at all. Lower concession and ticket prices as well as more giveaway nights like you see at baseball games would help with that.

Brandon gum

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These issues are about 15th on the list of things I worry about when I think about hockey in Columbus.


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just win...  I regularly take friends to games.  It's a lot more fun when we win.  

Yeah, that is obvious, but it may not be to the noob.