Is It "stalker" Creepy?

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Nope, not creepy at all -- and good for you for taking a mid winter break to FL to watch our guys play. My only fear is that a 4-star hotel in Tampa might start @ about $300/night, just to be close to the team. My recommendation would be to find a place on Clearwater Beach or St. Pete Beach (or an airb&b on Davis Island). Enjoy the gulf and have a drink or a meal over where the players are staying.


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Thanks for the thought.

1) As an innkeeper of a real B&B, I don't do AirBNB.  But we won't go down that road.

2) We are taking a few days for ourselves after the game to relax and vacation.

Still need to find out where they are staying though :)

This word you keep saying...I don't think it means what you think it means.

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I'd say just do whatever feels right. One of the advantages of being on the Ohio Warriors is that, before the game on Military Appreciation Night (When the Warriors do a scrimmage between periods), players often pop into the locker room we change in and talk to us. Great bunch of guys. Also former players have turned up at fundraisers.
While you may wonder if staying at the same hotel as the team is creepy, remember that the players are used to fans asking for autographs, wanting to chat a little and asking to take selfies with them. As long as you aren't a jerk, I think you'll find them to be cheerful and pretty accommodating.

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Well, I think it'd be cool to do.

Is that public information, though?

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Jealous. Have a great time. While I love New England, it’s always nice to get outta there for a bit of a winter break.