Here's a Problem: The Blue Jackets Don’t Have A Home Ice Advantage at Nationwide Arena

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I'm probably going to anger a few people, but it really seems that this year's Jackets are lazy, inconsistent and, I think, only sitting as high in the division as they've been because everyone else was playing worse. Now, the Caps are playing like the champions they are, Pittsburgh has remembered that they're an elite team and the Jackets' many weaknesses (starting with the goalies) are being exposed and exploited. Remember, the Jackets barely made the playoffs last year and, if something doesn't change pretty soon (like Bob suddenly remembering how to be an elite goalie, Torts cracking the whip on his coaches, Jarmo making a rare long before the deadline trade, something!!!!), the Jackets will have to play out of their minds to make the playoffs this year.