Game Preview: Red Hot Montreal Canadiens Visit Nationwide Arena to Take On Red Hot Columbus Blue Jackets

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I do think the fourth line is playing better, and I'd contribute a lot of that to Bjork's play. He looks comfortable down there, and while you'd hope he'd be a consistent 2nd liner, if he gives the fourth line an offensive threat, I'll take it.

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I'm glad Dubinsky is back and appreciate what he brings to the team, but I don't understand why Duclair (with his speed and scoring touch) is sitting instead of Sedlak. 


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Maybe because Sedlak can take face-offs and is more responsible defensively?  Just a guess.

Maybe just years of disappointment bring me to this moment.  Sam sounds so positive and know...a "keg half full" kind of guy.  I am totally the Negative Nellie.  Yes we have wins vs two good teams in Nashville and Washington but beating NJ is not all that impressive, we won really ugly vs the not-good Rangers, had to go to OT vs a not-good Panthers, gave up a late two goal lead vs the Preds and a very late lead vs the Caps.

I know its a good thing when you can still win while not playing good hockey but I would rather see them win while playing good hockey.  I love how our first line is producing but we have struggled with our bottom three lines getting any consistency, the special teams is bad and the goalie situation is a mess.  There is just so long these smoke and mirrors can last.  The team must play better...the whole team!

  • I'd like to see Korpi in net tonight and have a solid game.  We suspect Bobs is not likely to be here next season, possibly not after the TDL, and the way he has played I am not sure I really want him between the pipes right now.  I would love to see Korpi 2016 re-emerge and give this team average to better than average goaltending so we can feel better moving forward.
  • We must see more production from the bottom nine on a consistent basis.  Would love the light to go on for Bjorkstrand.  Would like to see Andy find his mojo again.  Would like to see Dubi and Boone winning face-offs and getting greasy goals and Foligno finding some consistency in his offensive game too.  Don't get me started on Wenny, dude is taking up way too much oxygen in the dressing room.
  • I am happy with the defense from a personnel standpoint.  Still trying to find the #6 guy.  We have to stop giving up so many odd-man rushes.
  • Lastly, the special teams needs a new voice.  I don't know why it doesn't work but it hasn't worked for years.  I loathe the ten foot drop pass an our side of center ice, I hate seeing Bread on his non-one timer side trying to contort his body to take shots on the PP and it seems we love passing the puck around the perimeter waiting for a defensemen to find the space to take a shot from the point and feel we never try backdoor passes through he middle of the offensive zone.

Go CBJ...beat Habs tonight :)

This word you keep saying...I don't think it means what you think it means.

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Given how bunched up the East standings are (TB excepting), this is a pretty big game.  Go CBJ!