Report: Sergei Bobrovsky Has Not Given the Blue Jackets a Firm List of Teams He Would Consider

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At this point, I really don’t even care what happens anymore.  If you follow him or his lil’ buddy Artemi on instagram it has been pretty obvious for awhile that Bob wants out yesterday, and Panarin is just a kook who happens to be an incredibly talented hockey player in his spare time and needs to live the glamour life. 

I just hope someday the untold story of Bob vs. The Jackets is told, because it must be epic or hilarious to make you go from the City’s #1 son to biggest D-bag in a year.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Nothing's over 'til we say it's over!!

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It's time to move on from Bob.  This shit's getting old and I'm sure the rest of the locker room feels the same way.  

We've had the worst luck with Russian players.  Zherdev, Svitov, Bob, & Bread....are there others?

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Filatov.  No issues with Tyutin though...or Anismiov.  And be honest...we got plenty of great years out of Bobs.  So how does this make you feel about Vitali Abramov, Daniil Tarasov and Kirill Marchenko...all in the system right now?

For the record you could say the same about Canadians: Nash asked out, Johansen, Foote, Carter and lets not forget the kid we drafted in the second round who decided he'd rather deliver pizzas on his bicycle than play hockey.

Agree its time to move on from Bobs, have been thinking this since I saw the Bolts game live in Tampa.  We do what we can to end the season and let Korpi and Elvis battle out with VV or a free agent signee next year.

As for Bread, I think moving Bobs sooner rather than later helps our position with Bread.

This word you keep saying...I don't think it means what you think it means.

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I have no ill will towards Russian players.  I guess I'm just a little frustrated because the ones I mentioned were either really good, or had the potential to be really good.  We obviously have had good apples too and still have others in the system that should contribute.  We've had our fair share of divas and other players who wanted out besides Russians, I guess I just had to be reminded of them.  I forgot how much both Carter & Foote pissed me off.

I guess Columbus just isn't for everyone.  When you live in Columbus (or surroundings) and love it, it's hard to understand why some of these guys want out so badly.  You hear of some veterans making a home here after hockey because they love the area so much, so you wonder what others that don't like it are thinking?  For example, Andrew Cassels came back after retiring with the Caps to live here.  He was my 7 year old son's coach last Winter at the Easton Chiller, and now has moved on to coach OSU Women's hockey (I think?).  And I know there's a host of others like that.

Maybe it's the organization they want to get away from?  That is frustrating because there's so much potential.  There's a nice young nucleus and it's the only professional team in town (of the big 4).  And even if you consider the Crew, their seasons hardly overlap.  So the fans would be all-in with continued success.  There's already a core that's in, regardless of how good the Jackets are doing.

I'm holding out hope that Bread stays.  I feel it's 50-50 from what I've read.

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I too feel like it's time to cut ties with Bob.  Still hoping Bread and the CBJ can work out a deal.

Some Russians who did not cause issues (as far as I know):  Fedorov, Tyutin - obviously now on the scouting staff.

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I'm just getting tired of this shit. If you want out, have the balls to say so and cooperate in getting your selfish ass out. If you want to stay (Bread), say so and quit yanking our chains. I've been a hockey fan for 50 years and I've never felt, even suffering through bad Jackets' seasons and "Does anybody on this team know how to play this game" San Francisco/Oakland/California (Golden) Seals seasons, like saying, "Fuck it all" and never watching another game. Until this season. But the Bread And Bob saga is starting to kill my love of the game.