3 Things: Bobrovsky is Outstanding Yet Again, Duchene Scores Another Game-Winning Goal, and Jenner Steps Up

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I simply have to share my excitement with last night's goal-scoring power play.  As time was winding down, I actually thought to myself how impressed I was with the fact that the Jackets kept the puck inside the zone almost the entire time.  Boston wanted to get a change so badly and they simply couldn't do it.  I also remember thinking (before they scored) that while it would have been a shame if they didn't score, it was impressive all the same merely for the possession dominance.  Of course, not long after, Dutchy buried it. It was great.

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Yeah, I kept thinking, "Have we had it in the offensive zone this whole time?" It was truly a dominating PP and would have been an absolute shame if they hadn't scored.

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An incredible PP!

Live, at the game, we thought that they had had the puck in the zone for the whole PP.  I think I saw it was 1:53 before they scored. 

Good times.