Could Artemi Panarin Follow John Davidson and Join the New York Rangers?

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Doggy's picture

I was thinking about this earlier today.  It sucks to be losing Bread but I dread losing him to another Metro team.

This word you keep saying...I don't think it means what you think it means.

Q's picture

I agree Doggy Unfortunately, the Rangers are one of the leading candidates. I am holding out hope that Panarin ends up in LA, which also is in the midst of a rebuild, but has some stars to build around (Kopitar, Doughty) and has two first round draft picks this year.

I really don't buy the argument however that hiring Davidson will influence Bread's decision one way or the other.  


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It’s going to suck taking a step back this season and it feels like we are being gutted

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I think the comments Panarin was supposed to have made to teammates about wanting to be a "star" last summer pretty much sealed it for me he was going to New York. I don't think Davidson has anything to do with it.

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It’s not going to be fun if we have to face bread multiple times every season. He has a great shot of having a helluva game every time he plays us based on how many odd man rushes we like to give up. 

Here’s hoping he goes to the western conference.