Will Jarmo Kekalainen's Aggressive Moves at the Trade Deadline Change How NHL GMs Approach the Deadline?

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I’d argue the Jarmo’s future is still in doubt until this offseason is over and he’s remade the team. Sure hope there is something up their sleeve this offseason. I’m elated that we’re finally over that winning playoff series hurdle but I cringe at the potential long term impact to the franchise. 

Time will tell  

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I think Jarmo has the support of ownership. He couldn't have made the TDL deals he did without that support. Should the Jackets fail to make the playoffs, next season, that support may weaken. Don't forget that Jarmo was part of the front office group which laid the foundation of the Blues team currently in the SCF.

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I'm also not sure what he could have gotten in a trade for either guy. The teams that seem interested in them now were not in the playoffs so why would they give away assets when they just needed to wait a couple months and give up nothing.

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I liked the deadline moves.  A lot of times, teams will hold onto the UFAs they have and the idea of holding onto the elite level talent you currently have is supposed to be "the message."  Jarmo went out and added many other pieces to augment what was in place, most notably Matt Duchene.  It made for an extremely talented roster.  I was hoping the allure of the talent Jarmo added at the deadline would entice Panarin and Bob to stay, as the likelihood of winning and winning consistently would increase with an entire summer and full season (19-20) to see what this squad could really do.  Back to the point, I liked the aggression at the deadline.  You have to go for it at some point, and Jarmo went for it.