Power Rankings: A Comprehensive Ranking Of Which Blue Jackets Have The Best - And Worst - Contracts

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I like this article.  Thanks for sharing it.

I agree Seth is extremely cheap for what he is.  Everything is fine for me until we get to Nash, Foligno, Wenny and Dubi.  

Nash did well in the playoffs and and isn't that big of a contract.

Lou and Dubi, I thought, were both overpaid at the time for their leadership/intangibles.

Wenny seemed like he signed a good contract and then his offense disappeared.  He might come back, but he gets a lot to be a libero.

But the all time loser, since you mention Clarkson, is Horton.  Even then it's not the money it's the fact that it was not insured.  I understand it was a very small window to do the insurance, but still... The lack of mitigation when Horton's back went out led to the Clarkson trade. Then there was the Clarkson to Vegas trade for a #1.  OOOOOOOOoooo, that's a toughie!