Why Later Start Times Would Improve the Overall Experience of Going to Blue Jackets Games

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And deprive the Jackets and their concessionaires of money? Not gonna happen.

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Haha, no. You must not have kids. 8 games will end after 1030 and some nights at 11. Lucky to be home by midnight. 

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My wife and I live about a 35 min drive up 71 from the arena, and are half season ticket holders. It IS a rush to get to the game after work. BUT, for a weekday game I wouldn't want the games to start any later. It's already 11p by the time I get outta there and get home, and we've got work in the morning.

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Wednesday Night Hockey on NBCSN aside, it seems like almost every weeknight (and Saturday) game in the entire league starts at 7:00.  DET and MTL are notable exceptions in that games seem to always be 7:30 there.  Don't know if it's tradition or some sort of league policy, but I'm plenty happy with 7 PM starts as another half-season ticket holder.

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7:30 starts here in Detroit are miserable. Yes, you have more time to get down to the city, but you're not getting home until around 11 a lot of nights. Yes, shorter commutes in Columbus, but 7:30 is a killer during the week especially.

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Nope. A lot of people won’t be able to get home before 11:30/12. It’s a hard pass from me. 

I don't believe in no-win scenarios

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7 is even a little late for me only because I live in Dayton and its already a pain in the ass to get home at a decent hour. 

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Definitely understand the benefits of 7pm start time for weeknight games.  My vote would be to only move back Friday & Saturday evening games to 7:30pm.    

Nothing risked, nothing gained.

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As I posted under the time vote.....

7:30 For Fridays, Saturdays, and nights before a national holiday the next day(no school).

Have arguments for both 7 & 7:30 during the week, and Sundays. For TV viewing,

I'd vote for 8pm for all CBJ games(but that won't happen). 

Think the concessions $$$ at NWA might overrule any/most time change ideas from 7.


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At least you guys have the arena district for quick bites etc. For the one or two times a year when I go see the CBJ at Wells Fargo in south Philly there are NO good food options. I’d love to be rushed if I could get something other then overpriced bar type appetizers!

Leave them at 7 - I’m old. I need sleep!

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Yep, agree.  Leave the weekday games at 7pm.  Weekends could be later starts, but it isn't at all about the small window between work and puck drop.  Sometimes we head down mid afternoon for Saturday games.