The Cleveland Effect

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Good analysis. I agree...the priority is to give Elvis the best chance for success and if that means a few games here and there in Cleveland, so be it. I never did understand the thinking behind that contract clause  that precluded him from using his time last spring to improve his game and to get more experience with the North American rink/style of play, even if it was in Cleveland.


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Elvis insisted on it. Probably had something to do with his statement, a couple of years ago, that he wouldn't play in the NHL until he was guaranteed to be a starter.

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I say we should put Elvis in the minors for the rest of the year, so he isn't in the position Korpi was last year when they put the workload on Bob. And plus, Matiss Kivlenieks has been in the AHL for 3 years, and I think it's time he gets to shine before he sniffs free agency.