Predictions for the Rest of the Season

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Wild Card #1, lose in 6 games to whoever we play in the first round unfortunately

Andy comes back strong and goes back to his old self

Murray comes back for a week at some point and then gets hurt again for the rest of the season.

When Korpi comes back it'll be 60-40 Elvis in terms of starts until he gets eased in. Neither will be quite as strong as in their hot streaks but will be pretty good.

The General

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Based on Torts' history, I think he'll favor Korpi in net when he returns. His history suggests Torts tends to favor successful veteran goalies. Maybe the split will be close to 50-50, but I look for Korpi to get a few more games than Elvis. Particularly if the Jackets are still in the playoff hunt come March.
(Standard caveat: I always acknowledge that I could be wrong. )

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Cautiously optimistic.  Although I am sure the guys appreciate the rest around the ASG, I hope the break doesn't kill the mojo from the past 6 weeks or so.

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I said preseason we were making the playoffs.  I maintained that until shortly before the streak started.

Now, I believe we're making the playoffs again.  Making a run will depend.  If we maintain the current play, yes.

Goaltending, defense, not taking penalties and distributed scoring can work in the playoffs.

We get to watch....

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March/April is rough!  CBJ must bank points in February if they have a shot at making the playoffs.

This word you keep saying...I don't think it means what you think it means.