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Comment 22 Oct 2020

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words! I think if you're up for it, definitely read Dom's explanation of how GSVA works - I really like his methodology and how it extrapolates what happens in a game to a specific measure. That being said, Dom also points out that his model (and most, in my opinion) is weak in measuring defense, and since we know that was a big ask of, well, everyone this year, I do think that impacts some of the players whose value "went down." But! GSVA will constantly update too - so if PLD gets a longer leash offensively this year - and I think he will - his value should rebound. All of this to say, I don't think you're off base to think there's more to PLD (and the other players you mention) but at the same time, when we understand how GSVA works, it makes sense these values went down based on last year. Does that help?