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Comment 05 Sep 2019

Somebody HAS to go, right?

Unless someone is hurt all year.

...and Clendening deserves a mention as your traditional AAAA guy on the I71 shuttle.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Does anybody remember 2009?  Hitch took us to the playoffs with Mason in goal most of the time.  We played some stellar defense as I recall, reduced shots against and pushed a lot of them to the outside.

I wonder who our 2C was....

Granted, it's been a boring off season.  But come October, September even, there's going to be NHL hockey in NWA.  I'll be there to see it.

it could be argued that the drama of 9 & 72 being UFAs helped the team.  But I doubt it.  It's possible that with that cloud lifted these guys will come together and play as a team.

Comment 11 Jul 2019

I like this article.  Thanks for sharing it.

I agree Seth is extremely cheap for what he is.  Everything is fine for me until we get to Nash, Foligno, Wenny and Dubi.  

Nash did well in the playoffs and and isn't that big of a contract.

Lou and Dubi, I thought, were both overpaid at the time for their leadership/intangibles.

Wenny seemed like he signed a good contract and then his offense disappeared.  He might come back, but he gets a lot to be a libero.

But the all time loser, since you mention Clarkson, is Horton.  Even then it's not the money it's the fact that it was not insured.  I understand it was a very small window to do the insurance, but still... The lack of mitigation when Horton's back went out led to the Clarkson trade. Then there was the Clarkson to Vegas trade for a #1.  OOOOOOOOoooo, that's a toughie!

Comment 07 May 2019

So while we fans get to say whatever we want, in the end we just decide to continue to be fans or not.  As long as we participate in the conversation, we are fans.

I know I very much enjoyed the last, what--couple of months (or twenty years)?  But sure, I wanted more, want more.

I'm a lifelong Cubs fan who barely remembers Leo Derocher's 1969 Cubs.  in 2016, the Cubs won it all.  That was cool, but it didn't significantly change my world.  It just gave me something new to talk about.

This CBJ season will be remembered like other significant seasons.  It'll be more memorable than most of them to this point.

Jarmo and the team have set a new standard.  I'll be excited to see what happens this summer and where we are May 7, 2020.