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Comment 08 Feb 2020

It’s absolutely wild how competitive it is. Would be devastating, though very possible, for the Jackets to drop off even after the stretch they’ve been on.

You have to think they will drop 2 if not 3 in a row at some point down the stretch.

I’m still cautious about what the postseason would look like for Columbus. If they get there, I’m fearful their lack of offensive star power will cause us to lose in 5 in round 1. Can’t remember a team in the past 10 years that’s won a cup without a true elite offensive player. (I’m counting Taresenko as one, Reilly sort of too).

Comment 30 Jan 2020

Definitely agree he could step in for Wennberg...though I’d be tentative to bench Wennberg longterm when we are paying him so much which would kill (any) trade value he has left. If you’d be fine with losing Wennberg for nothing, then Tex could be experimented in his role, but I think it’s worth considering Wennberg’s situation! 

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Owsh, I'd ask you to take a step back and look at this from a larger perspective. I don't think you need to be offended that media outlets state a fact about the team to prove a point that is likely true. I don't think 'everyone knows' we're the youngest team out there, and even if they did, what does it matter? I don't write for 1OB because I think fans are stupid - but because I love everything Blue Jackets. The fact that I even had to type that sentence is making me shake my head.

Bottom line - this is not something worth getting angry over. It was a simple objective fact, in one paragraph of an article with a lot of other paragraphs, to help prove a point. It'd actually be lazy to just say "Torts" is a good coach - and not say a reason why - and one reason is he is succeeding with a bunch of inexperienced (younger!) players, no?

Have a good one, buddy!

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Hello there friend,

1) It's not a phrase. It's just an objective fact!

2) Whatever the reason is that they're so young - it doesn't change the fact that it's true. Or that it has an impact on a coach. 

3) I'd love to hear further clarification of why this is "lazy" - or what the even has to do with this, or what that even means. Pointing out the fact of them being the youngest team in the league is just reinforcement to Torts having to consistently coach more inexperienced players than other coaches, and get them NHL ready. Which is hard!