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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Brandon Dubinsky tying goal, Game 4 2014 ECQF vs Pittsburgh
  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Jaromir Jagr
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Comment 13 Jul 2020

Right - I feel like offensively, Tortorella has had no problem going young. Defense is different and it seems like he tends to lean a bit older, but my guess is Foudy gets the nod and Gerbe is the first to come up if we get smacked in Game 1.

Comment 11 Jul 2020

I agree. Overall I like this a ton. Sort of wish Peeke was over Harrington but that’s my only complaint. Peeke still has a long way to go and Harrington is a vet, and you don’t want shaky guys on your back end. Which is why I’m OK with guys like Foudy over Shore/Gerbe/Stenlund because I think forwards can adapt quicker and have a simpler job sometimes (at least compared to defense/goaltending. 

Comment 11 Jul 2020

I wish we had a larger sample size of Shore in a CBJ uni. Though to be fair, Foudy only has 2 games! Shore looked to be getting more comfortable as games went on, and I agree his flexibility would be nice. Though again with 5-6 possible centers already up, I see why Robinson who is a solidified winger (and crazy fast) gets the cut. But maybe camp will prove otherwise! 

Comment 29 Jun 2020

Because there's even the slightest chance at the Cup though, I will cheer for winning, but I'm with you in the sense that I won't be mad at all if we lose to Toronto - for the chance at that pick. 

Tanking is contextual, and if this was the regular season and we had no shot at the playoffs, I'd cheer for losing. But when there are (even the smallest) statistical odds to win a championship/advance in the playoffs, I just can't cheer against my team. But again....definitely won't be mad about a loss :)

Comment 17 Jun 2020

You're definitely right - his lack of being in the lineup was mainly with injury - I suppose my main point was that his lack of production can be excused a bit by not being able to find a consistent rhythm of ice time (whether due to injury or not). And yes, that Boston goal is one of my favorites...pulling the game out would've made the memory so much sweeter but regardless, what a moment for the kid!