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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1986 NY Mets World Series...Jesse Orosco tossing that winning glove high in the air!
  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Of all time? Brian Leetch!
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Comment 18 Jul 2019

Couple things...

1) like you say eight games is not enough of a sample size. 

2) I’d be interested to look at the box scores from those specific eight games and see what the SOGs for the team as a whole were. 

3) Do you know what Sonny’s offensive zone draw percentages were?  My guess is Torts wouldn’t throw him out on the ice very often during defensive zone face offs. 

4) sometimes that stat can be extra deceiving  without looking up the numbers I feel like Sonny cared nothing about shooting percentage  he’d take crazy angle shots every shift  that could be good and bad  I bet the shooting percentage when he was on the ice went down  Rimer was s big fan of talking up how we would win the SOG battle when we were losing on the scoreboard  I’m not impressed  

I love the analytical numbers. So much more telling than older stats like +/- . I was always surprised by how much Saad pushed possession too because he also didn’t seem like a strong defensive player. 

Thanks for the info. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Agree on the offense Q. 

That said there is more to his game that needs rounding out. He has to get stronger on face offs (big time) and he has to take fewer penalties. If his offense levels off but he improves in those other areas I’ll call it a win. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

I disagree, four mid-late first rounders for a legit star ppg+ player is worth it.  The money is not the issue...we were gonna give it to Bread.

Marner isn't coming so its moot but I have no issue giving up the four first rounders.  I just don't see the CBJ drafting in the top five again and players like Marner don't pop up outside of the top ten very often.

And this whole thing about a team making an offer sheet suddenly having a target on their back?  I call BS.  If the CBJ have a player someone else wants and we are struggling to sign him, someone will make them an offer regardless of whether we extend an offer sheet to Marner.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Come on...Dano turning into Saad is a way over-simplification.  Eight pieces moved in that deal and I could easily argue Anismov was the primary piece going back to Chicago in the deal.  Dano had a nice 35 game audition in Columbus so the CBJ could sell high but he has been an NHL disappointment to this point.

That said, the odds of any player drafted in the back five of the first round becoming a regular NHL player is probably not that high.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

I like PLD but I think you overlook the Panarin factor.  I don't know if it is true or not but we need to see how lacking an elite playmaker on his line will affect his offensive impact.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Sonny need some quick cash to pay his attorney and accept anything the CBJ threw at him?

In all seriousness, a one year $875K contract to a guy who still can't establish himself as an NHL guy and still has a battery/Assault charge hanging over his head is more than a fair deal for him.  We know he has some offensive skill but he has to show he is a complete player.

If we could mix Wenny's defensive awareness with Milano's offensive creativity and we might have a complete player.

Comment 12 Jul 2019

Actually I might stop reading the articles.  I like to comment and if I can't comment...meh.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

I am not a big Dzingel fan but teams could do a heck of a lot worse than signing him.

I am sure he is regretting his stay in Columbus now.  If he had been able to ride out the regular season in the no pressure situation in Ottawa and snagged his 25+ goals he is probably a well paid July 1-2 UFA signing.  The playoff run and post season exposed his incomplete game.

Maybe he takes a one year prove it deal with an offensive minded team/coach but I am conservative...I take the term for less money.  Its hard for most of us to say because suppose he could get a 3 year $12 Million deal...its more than we will see in a lifetime.

Comment 03 Jul 2019

You are entitled to your opinion..I stand by my position.  There is no way they could have had both the players they received for the end of season run plus the playoffs AND the assets they traded away so they can't really lose both.  IOW, the assets we traded were for rentals.  Whether we got good value for those assets is debatable but we got value for those assets.

Crazy example: Let's say the CBJ gave away a 1st round pick, two second round picks, two 4th round picks, DuClair, VA and Davidsson to the Rangers, Senators and Devils simply out of the goodness of their heart and got nothing in return.  What would they have lost?  All the assets they gave away...right?  So how does actually getting rental players in return for all those assets...real end of season value...result in losing more than in the first scenario?

Comment 01 Jul 2019

That’s not really honest. CBJ traded VA, Davidsson and a 1st for Duchene as a rental. They can’t lose those three AND Duchene. 

CBJ could have never had both, it’s one or the other  if they could never have both they can’t really lose both  right?

Everything on the list is a double. McQuaid AND the pick traded for his rental services. Dzingel AND the picks plus DuClair traded for his rental services, Kincaid AND the pick traded for his rental services.

Comment 01 Jul 2019

Casual fans don’t care right now. They don’t know Valtteri Filppula from Vladimir Putin. It won’t matter who they sign because it’s not Bobs or Bread. 

The casual fan will start paying attention between January and March when OSU football and basketball wrap up. 

If the CBJ are competitive fans will notice then. If not it’s a tree falling in the forest nobody will hear. 

Comment 30 Jun 2019

Thoughts on some of these guys...

Johansson: I know he was only briefly a Bruin and every player needs to be assessed on they own merits but we have not exactly hit it out of the park with Bruin UFAs: Horton, Campbell and now Nash.  If we sign a 4th and he bombs its a "shame on us" tale.  He's a nice player but a career 16G - 46 Pt guy, doesn't exactly move the needle.  More of the same for us.  He'll also be 29 when the season starts...if he is looking for five year deal I think OK maybe but if he is looking for six or seven its a pass.

Zucc: poor man's Bread and the only "playmaker" on this list.  I think the way King Henrik cried when the Rangers traded him told me all I needed to know about how the dressing room thought about him as a teammate.  He's 32 and wants a five year deal...that scares me (turned down a four year offer from Stars).  His goal scoring numbers are quite similar to Johansson but he is way more dynamic and creative in the offensive zone.  Despite his age he was on pace for his best point total of his career before his fluke injury.  So there has been no tail off in production yet.

Anders Lee: love his game and he proved it wasn't all about Tavares this past season.  Problem is he doesn't truly solve what we are missing.  I don't think he has a huge shot and he's not a playmaker like Zucc...the guy uses his size and soft hands and is hard to match up against.  That said, he plays a physical game and he is looking for a long term deal on his 29 year old body and you are paying him for the 92 goals he has scored over the past three seasons and not what he does over the next five or six.  That said, we sign him and he I a lock to play the left side on a Lee-Luc-Cam line.

Zucc is still my top target.