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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1986 NY Mets World Series...Jesse Orosco tossing that winning glove high in the air!
  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Of all time? Brian Leetch!
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Comment 19 hours ago

Dubi makes $5.85 for two more seasons. Boone makes $3.75 for three more seasons and I think Brass makes $3.0 but is a UFA after this season.

Not sure I like a Boone for Brass swap.  I think statistically offensively speaking they are comparable productive players (I know they get there in different ways).  But Boone is one of the leaders on this the waaaaay better face-off guy (arguably our best), is younger and his contract is locked for three more years.

Next season Brass is somewhere else (I certainly don't want him for a multi-year deal going forward) while Boone would be facing us many times a year for at least the next three.  I know Boone is not a gifted scorer but there are so many intangibles he brings and I prefer him on my side rather than the other side of the face-off dot.

I love Dubi but would make a one for one swap like that in a heartbeat.  His contract for two more years is looking more and more like an albatross.  How about something like Nash and Milano for Brass (or Nash and a draft pick or some other non-top-tier prospect)?  My guess Pittsburgh says no to all of those.  How about Duclair for Brass?  Both are UFAs next season and I don't think either team plans to retain their services.

To me, Brass is a minor player...he's a borderline 2C better suited to the 3C as long as you don't need him to take an important face-off.  I am giving them nothing of real value for him because he offers us little of value in return.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

OWSH45, I agree with you.  When a player is ready to move on sometimes the best course of action is to get the guy out.  And yet Bread is having an excellent season and the past two weeks playing some of the most offensive hockey he's played since coming to Columbus.  Bread's on pace for 30+ Goals and 96 Points.  Both career highs for him.  He's clearly acting like a pro...and increasing his contract value at the same time.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Maybe because Sedlak can take face-offs and is more responsible defensively?  Just a guess.

Maybe just years of disappointment bring me to this moment.  Sam sounds so positive and know...a "keg half full" kind of guy.  I am totally the Negative Nellie.  Yes we have wins vs two good teams in Nashville and Washington but beating NJ is not all that impressive, we won really ugly vs the not-good Rangers, had to go to OT vs a not-good Panthers, gave up a late two goal lead vs the Preds and a very late lead vs the Caps.

I know its a good thing when you can still win while not playing good hockey but I would rather see them win while playing good hockey.  I love how our first line is producing but we have struggled with our bottom three lines getting any consistency, the special teams is bad and the goalie situation is a mess.  There is just so long these smoke and mirrors can last.  The team must play better...the whole team!

  • I'd like to see Korpi in net tonight and have a solid game.  We suspect Bobs is not likely to be here next season, possibly not after the TDL, and the way he has played I am not sure I really want him between the pipes right now.  I would love to see Korpi 2016 re-emerge and give this team average to better than average goaltending so we can feel better moving forward.
  • We must see more production from the bottom nine on a consistent basis.  Would love the light to go on for Bjorkstrand.  Would like to see Andy find his mojo again.  Would like to see Dubi and Boone winning face-offs and getting greasy goals and Foligno finding some consistency in his offensive game too.  Don't get me started on Wenny, dude is taking up way too much oxygen in the dressing room.
  • I am happy with the defense from a personnel standpoint.  Still trying to find the #6 guy.  We have to stop giving up so many odd-man rushes.
  • Lastly, the special teams needs a new voice.  I don't know why it doesn't work but it hasn't worked for years.  I loathe the ten foot drop pass an our side of center ice, I hate seeing Bread on his non-one timer side trying to contort his body to take shots on the PP and it seems we love passing the puck around the perimeter waiting for a defensemen to find the space to take a shot from the point and feel we never try backdoor passes through he middle of the offensive zone.

Go CBJ...beat Habs tonight :)

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Thanks for the effort.  Elvis did answer in an interview he is coming to the U.S. for 2019.  I do wonder if VV would come as well.  Kivlenieks is a throw-away.  Not sure he is more than a backup AHL goalie (he had limited pedigree when we brought him in to fill a spot and he has done little since getting here).

I think in reality other than the Gs it is unlikely any of the guys in the 10-20 range make an impact at the NHL level.  Although I am intrigued by Berni and Wolly.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

I've always been a Dubi fan.  There are guys who "like to win" and guys who "hate to lose".  There is a huge difference between the two.  Dubi falls into the latter category.  His ability is not where it was a few years ago but I love the passion and dedication he brings to the game and hope it rubs off on his teammates.  There's much he can teach the young ones and there is a reason he is still the guy standing at the gate greeting everyone coming off the ice at the end of the game.  Much respect for him, what he has achieved and what he means for this team.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

I am not a hockey expert.  Never played, never coached.  What is this "style" you speak of and how does it differ from the style the CBJ play.  What is Brass' style and how does it mesh with Torts?  He has averaged 16+ goals per season over the last nine years (I extrapolated his injury shortened 2012-2013 season to 82 games).  This season he has 8 goals in 37 games...seems like he is on pace in Pittsburgh to be exactly what he has been over the course of his career...a 3C.

I'm not trying to be condescending or a dick.  Its a genuine question.  Seriously, what would you be willing to give up to our major division opponent for two months of Brass?

Comment 17 Jan 2019

I don’t think Bobs ever had a realistic shot at a Price-like contract but I thought 6 years - $54 Million was possible from a desperate team. 

Now I think he’s looking at 5 years - $40 Million. Unless he convinces a GM the problem was the toxicity in the CBJ organization. We shall see. I know I’m ready to move on. 

I think Bobs is worth a conditional 1st round pick (condition being he re-signs with team). Just not sure how many teams going to the playoffs are looking for a #1 netminder. The question is: who do you think is a legit trading partner?  I don't think that trading partner is out there at this moment but get to mid-February and a contender loses their starting goalie to a longer term injury and then the CBJ have a trading partner.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

Elvis is coming to North America for next season.  Sounds like he pays attention the the comings and goings of the CBJ goalie situation but feels he is ready for the NHL.  Also sounds like he is not going to play in the AHL (maybe one season.

Here's the article:

Needs to be translated.


  • the decision is clear - am going to play for the United States.
  • They are interested in, like my game and that's what a man I am. We'll see the organization will have to make a tough decision - to extend the contract with Sergei Bobrovskis or not. Currently, they have the best goalkeeper in the league, or will the money required.
  • the ECHL - if there default, will go away. Not going to waste time. Many goalies east coast league lost time. I assume that would be the AHL season. Maximum, and no more. I've proven myself, especially in the world championship, I'm ready for the NHL and know that I can play there.
  • If three years ago to ask if I am ready to go to North America, would say definitely not, because there eat me alive.  Now I am mentally very strong, and not the absence of fear.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

Sorry, maybe it’s me but just like most of the arena video work,  I found the tribute video woefully lacking and uninspiring  

 I have to believe there is some kid at OSU who could have done ten times better. 

Maybe it’s me. I only get to one game in Columbus every year but was in Tampa last week and Montreal a couple years ago and Boston, Philly, and MSG before that. Our arena operations just aren’t well orchestrated. 

Comment 03 Jan 2019


I realize my take (and Pup's) is not the majority but here's my thinking (and I am going to mix and match all star game and Olympics here because I have the same issues with both).

"Quality over Quantity"

I love hockey but the season is already waaaayyyyy too long.  82 regular season games and potentially 28 more post-season games?  Nine months on and three months off?  The longer the season...and the more compacted it is...the worse the hockey becomes and when you add in the new mandated "Bye" week or the Olympics every four years they simply condense the season that much more.

One of the things that makes the NFL so great is that every game matters.  Fans have a hard time seeing the meaning in Game #36 of an 82 game schedule.  Remember the lock out shortened 48 game season?  That was an amazing regular season...every game was that much more important and the players responded!

I am not suggesting a 48 game season but 72 seems fair...ESPECIALLY in an Olympic year.  The owners and players split revenues 50-50 so as long as players are willing to give up about 12 1/2% of their paycheck that year to go represent their countries...awesome.

But in reality...I don't like our players risking injury to play stupid meaningless exhibition games.  Correct me if I am wrong but didn't someone lose a goalie to an all star game injury a few years back?  If Jonesy or Cam are hurt playing meaningless 3 on 3 hockey and we lose them for any significant time do you think CBJ fans will care they made it to the all star game?  HELL NO!

I love hockey but playing in May and June is dumb and the compactness of the schedule to make it happen just cheapens the product and increases the chance of injury.

Comment 03 Jan 2019

Happy for Cam and Jonesy, both well deserved.  Could not care less about all-star game...useless weekend when real and meaningful hockey could be played.  So yeah...I don't watch any of it...never have...even when Columbus hosted.

I much prefer our players get snubbed from the game.  Stay at home resting and stewing over the snub (ala Jack Johnson a few years ago).  Then when the meaningful games start up again they are rested and motivated.

And yes...I am not in favor of shutting down the league for two weeks for the Olympics either.

Comment 21 Dec 2018

I know he was struggling when the CBJ gave him the big extension but I never doubted he would get past his funk.  I think more importantly he is the anti-Bread.  He's kinda like Baker in Cleveland...he WANTS to be in Columbus and make this team successful.  Might eventually go down in history as best CBJ player ever (when he retires).

Comment 20 Dec 2018

Thanks for the update.  IOW all of the actual "prospects" in Cleveland have been quiet.  Dalpe, Gerbe, Clendenning, Cross and Berube are not prospects.  Maybe I am less patient than others but Milano is slipping towards not being a prospect either.  He's still only 22 but it is his fourth professional season and the light still hasn't gone on for him.

Would love an in-depth look at some of the lesser known prospects like VV.  Crushing the competition in the 4th best league in the world...for the second year in a row.  Why was he such a low draft pick?  Is his team so loaded that his numbers are exaggerated (have seen that twice with our goalie draft picks the past ten years...Dansk and Corbeil).

Comment 01 Dec 2018

My only guess is that Sedlak plays C so he is more versatile and can take face-offs.  His offensive ceiling is way way lower than OB and Duke but there is more to his game than offense.  As far as OB and Duke...they are offensive guys...and if they aren't creating offense (which they aren't), then they are just taking up oxygen.

I am not a big Sonny fan but compared to what those other two wingers have done lately he wouldn't be any worse.

Comment 15 Nov 2018

I don't want this to come out the wrong way but this is kinda OK. I relish in the games when the team produces ample offense and Bread is not a big part of the scoring sheet.  That wasn't the case earlier in the season but it seems the past few games it has happened a couple of times.  

During our five game point streak (3-0-2) we have scored 14 Goals and Bread has just two apples.

Bread may not be here all this season and most likely won't be around next season.  CBJ need to learn to score goals when Bread is not involved in the stat sheet.