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Comment 9 hours ago

Let’s be fair here. The CBJ controlled the first ten minutes of the game and the Habs could have scored a few more goals if not for Korpi who was outstanding too.

Goes both ways man. And we did need luck tonight. Bemmer’s goal was very lucky and if it doesn’t go in who knows what happens after that. Very different game when skating with the lead in the third period than had we been tied. 

Good win though. Let’s get #3 in a row vs Wings. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Marchenko with goals in back to back games and SKA actually gave him a whopping ten minutes of playing time.

Another impressive looking goal:

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Liam Foudy had a late start to his season because he was injured at the Prospects Tournament but there was no warmup for him...he jumped right in.  He's got 7 Gs and 14 Pts in 9 Games.  So his PPG is up from 1.10 to 1.56.  Interesting to see how he progresses over the rest of the season.

D-Man Eric Hjorth: 5 Gs and 14 Pts in 18 Games

C Tyler Angle: 11 Gs and 23 Pts in 16 Games

G Tarasov: having trouble getting the net and has not played since October 29th as he has struggled and his teammate is a solid veteran goalie. His October numbers were 1-5 with a .899 Save Percentage and 2.27 GAA but his last three starts were 0-3 with a .868 Save Percentage and 3.00 GAA.  He's only 20 so lots of time to develop ahead of him.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Marchenko update: he finally has a goal in the KHL.

He's been up and down between the VHL and KHL...when in the VHL he is a point per game player and in the KHL he is averaging something like 2 shifts and 1:30 TOI per game.

Just to whet the appetite, here is a look at his first goal in the K.  Big strong kid with a hard shot but the scouting says he has excellent hands and stick handling skills.  Perhaps a little bit of PLD or Andy.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I think a big question with Hall is: why has NJ had trouble signing him?  Is it about money?  Is it about fit?  Is it about his preference to play someplace else?

Namestnikov would interest me...Toffoli too.  There are some decent 30_ guys but no way I want to commit long term to any of them.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I say no to trading Korpi or this point.

Reason: you're are not a legit NHL starter until you have truly done it.  Everyone is excited about Tarasov...and V2 has played well in the AHL this year but that's not the NHL.  I am willing to have an off year if it means building this team for future/long term success.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

No idea (I'm no scout or expert though I wish I was).  There wasn't supposed to be any "projection" with him...I think he was considered NHL ready when he was drafted.  So the complete lack of production is a head scratcher.  It looks like his days in Edmonton are done so perhaps we will see if he can resurrect his NHL career after a successful Euro stint.

FTR, after 18 Finnish Liiga games he has 11 Goals (3rd in league) and 20 Points (6th in league) and he's still only 21 years old.  So he is improving his trade value.  I would take a flyer in him...question is what is the asset being sent the other way.

Reminds me of another Edmonton first round Swede, Magnus Paajarvi.  He was the #10 overall pick and minus his 15 G - 34 Pt rookie season he's averaged 10 Goals - 19 Points per 80 Game season for the rest of his career.

It could be the same problem that Bemmer is having (I know you read my comments about him on the front page of the site).

Comment 06 Nov 2019

I am not sure the CBJ had an option here...

1) Bemmer's contract with his Swedish club was "NHL or Sweden".  There was no option for the AHL.  Either he stuck with the team or he was lost to the CBJ for the season.

2) The CBJ need scorers...he's not there yet (kinda like Tex) but this leads to the most important point...

3) Sweden was not going to help Bemmer find his NHL game.  We have heard all the talk about how Elvis and V2 need to learn to play goalie on the smaller rinks and faster play of the NHL where shots come from everywhere fast and furious.  The exact same argument applies to forwards...and a shooter/goal scorer like Bemmer in particular.  Bemmer is used to the wide open spaces of the Euro rinks and was able to be patient while picking his shooting spots which is reflected in his very high shooting percentage in Sweden.

NHL players rarely get such great looks at the net the way Euro players do. This was my biggest concern about Bemmer making the jump.  He doesn't have the same space or time to use his shot perfectly like he is used to.  He needs to learn to stop looking for the perfect scoring opportunity and trust his shot...but it wouldn't happen for him back across the pond on the bigger ice sheets (why it sucks Cleveland was not an option).  So the CBJ have no choice...keep him in the NHL and let him and the team take their lumps while he figures it out.

I hope he figures it out...we know he has the skillset.  He has already learned to be more trigger he has to figure out how to turn those SOGs into Gs.

  • First six games: .67 SOGs/game and .06 SOGs/minute of TOI
  • Last eight games: 1.25 SOGs/game and .13 SOGs/minute of TOI

Torts needs to be patient with him...and so do fans.  Not saying they are anything like the same player but PLD's first 15 NHL games: 1 G and 2 As.  Bemmer's first 15 NHL games: 0 Gs and 2 As.  No point in getting down or losing patience!

Comment 06 Nov 2019


Puljujarvi is proving a lot of players could have gone three and certainly ahead of him :)  Matthew Tkachuk has 80 Gs and 192 Pts, Clayton Keller has 39 Gs and 124 Pts, Mikhail Sergachev as a D-man has 15 Gs and 80 Pts.

Comment 18 Oct 2019

Looks like SKA finally sent hm back to VHL for playing time.  Three games back and he has another goal and two more assists.

  • Last year 2 Gs and 3 Pts in 23 Games
  • This year (so far) 7 Gs and 10 Pts in 11 Games
Comment 18 Oct 2019

Tarasov improving as he makes a big jump from Russian minors to Finnish League.

In three September starts he went 1-2 giving up 12 Goals on 81 Shots.  That's a .852 Save Percentage and 4.33 GAA...ouch!

In four October starts plus a fill in he has a .916 Save Percentage and 1.71 GAA.

Comment 18 Oct 2019

So no real updates on Marchenko...he was promoted to the KHL and has essentially sat the bench for the last 2+ weeks (when he does play he gets <4:00 TOI).  Frustrating..have no idea what's going on.  Is he hurt?  If not and they don't plan to play him they should send him down so he can play.

Regarding our 2019 draft picks...

  • 4th rounder D-Man Eric Hjorth is off to a very nice start to his North American career.  He's got 2 Goals and 8 Points in 8 Games for the Sarnia Sting of the OHL.  He has good size at 6'3" 190 Lbs (will be 19 years old in January).  Could be fun to watch him progress this year..its too soon to tell but perhaps another late round sleeper for Jarmo...he's good at finding value in later rounds.
  • 7th rounder C Tyler Angle: Leading the Windsor Spitfires in scoring with 7 Goals and 12 Pts in 10 Games.  Now he just turned 19 and is in his fourth OHL season so we should expect him to put up big numbers (not unlike Trey Fix-Wolansky last season).  He's also 5'10" 172 Lbs so he's smaller just like TFW.  Expect him to put up really good #s all season and he is already penciled in for Cleveland next season.
  • 4th Rounder LW Dmitry Voronkov.  Like Angle, he just turned 19 in September.  12 Games in the KHL and he has 1 Goal and 3 Points.  Unlike Angle, he's 6'5" but needs to fill out his frame.
Comment 07 Oct 2019

The scouts and front office have been watching and analyzing him for years, I am sure they know how to look past the Euro stats and evaluate/project the goalie

It’s just one game so I’m not ready to give up hope but certainly not the start fans were hoping for  

Comment 03 Oct 2019

Marchenko got off to too hot a start in the VHL: 6 Goals and 7 Points in 8 Games. He was promoted to the KHL where he has basically been glued to the bench. In 3 KHL games he has 0 & 0 but total TOI of about 5 minutes

They should either really play him or send him back. 

Comment 30 Sep 2019

I think Sam has mis-spoken.  I think Bemmy has the Sweden rule in his contract but I don't think anything stops Lilja from being sent to Cleveland.

My guess: difference is Lilja is a 26 year old whose SHL contract ended and he decided to jump the pond on a two-way contract.  IOW, he has no SHL contract.  Bemmy is a 19 year old who still has term left on his Swedish contract that allows him to leave to play in the NHL...but anything less than NHL and he needs to return to Sweden.  I suspect its not an uncommon clause.