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Comment 29 Dec 2020

I don't know, I have seen a little of quite a few of the games but not enough to be able to judge the prospects.  I was hoping we would have seen more from Chinakhov at this point but it has not happened yet :(

Comment 28 Dec 2020

Everyone needs to relax and take a deep breath.  There has been no urgency to get a deal done because the start of the season was pushed so far back.  PLD's agent is the same as Z's and he and Jarmo have good history.  If there is a deal to be done it will likely be done before training camp begins and I expect no animosity.  Both sides have said things are fine and no signs of frustration.

Its not like all the RFAs around the league are signed and we are the only ones sitting here with an unsigned key RFA: Barzal still not signed on Long Island, Luke Kunin in Nashville, Roslovic in Winterpeg, Dylan Strome in Chicago, Jesper Bratt in NJ, Vince Dunn in St Louis and Ethan Bear in Edmonton.

As for Hoffman or Granlund or any other UFA, it has been thoroughly reported that the CBJ are well under the cap and have the ability to acquire a player from a team hit hard by the flat cap that will be desperate to get compliant.  I think its become more and more obvious that this is Jarmo's preferred route for bolstering the team's offense.  There are ten teams at or above the cap...near a full third of the league...and another three teams with less than $1 Million to play with.  There will be opportunities.  I don't know if Jarmo is able to make a deal but I am not sure this roster is set in stone yet.

Enjoy the coming of 2021...its gonna be better than 2020!

Comment 11 Dec 2020

I agree.  I like Robby but he's a 4th liner who maybe tops out on the third line.  Either way I think he is an over-achiever that we signed for nothing (he was an undrafted FA college kid) so he was a bonus.  I also agree Torts is going to churn that line looking for some sort of combination that clicks.

Comment 11 Dec 2020

Really, you wanna go down this road today?  Assuming Tex is the 1LW (which is a stretch and by default because its such a crappy list to choose from and someone has to play the position).  So who are the options?  Foligno, Boone, Grigorenko, Foudy and Robby.

I think the problem for me is that I have no idea what style Domi plays (the 2C) assuming Cam is the 2RW.  Does the 2LW need to be a scorer, a playmaker, or a gritty?  If its gritty then its Foligno or Boone, if its a playmaker or a scorer its not Foligno and shouldn't be anyone currently on the roster.

Of the guys on the roster right now it seems to me you have to give Fligs, Grigs and Foudy the most serious look in camp.

  • Fligs is the veteran grit guy but he has been declining for a few years now and is yet another year older.  But he's the veteran and the most likely "you know what you are getting).
  • Foudy brings tons of speed but I imagine his ceiling is 3C so Koivu just keeping the seat warm while Foudy learns the pro game.  The thought of playing two very inexperienced guys in Tex and Foudy on the left side of our top two lines scares me.
  • Grigs is the WC here.  At 26 he should be starting to hit his peak.  IIRC he's not a physical player but he has some playmaking ability and I'd like to see him given the opportunity to play higher in the lineup with higher skilled offensive players (burying him won't do him or the team any good).

So I guess my vote is for Grigs.

Comment 09 Dec 2020

This is a U-20 tournament, kids like Marchenko, Voronkov, Tarasenko don't qualify.  In fact, any kid drafted 2018 or earlier is too old.  2019 we only had three picks, none earlier than 4th rounders and two of them are already twenty.  So the most we could have gotten was Hjorth from last year's draft and the five kids from this year's draft.  With our top three picks potentially making their squads, that leaves just this year's 5th and 6th rounders not making teams (not a huge surprises) and Hjorth.  Hjorth not even getting a tryout is disappointing.

Excited to hopefully see all three of these kids compete against the best of their age group for a couple weeks.  Knazko is young, he just turned 18 in August.

Comment 18 Nov 2020


None of us know for sure but Jarmo said he moved Nuti and Murray for almost nothing because he wanted to free up cap space to protect against an RFA offer sheet to PLD.  There just wasn't much out there for him and he did clear both contracts without retaining salary.  If he had not done it prior to RFA and someone offered PLD his leverage for moving contracts and freeing up cap space might have been a lot harder.  Yes there is cap space at the moment but we don't really know if he has an internal budget from ownership.  So why did Jarmo move two NHL d-men for almost nothing?  Either you take him at his word or come up with your own theories.  I think there is no question we had a glut of NHL quality d-men and needed to shift some of that cap hit from defense to offense.

Right now I would say Carlsson is #8 on the depth chart behind Z, Jones, Savard, Vlad, Kukuan, Peeke and Harry.  Clendenning might be ahead of him too.  I am sure he is sticking with the program at the moment because he's making $725K, a website I found said SHL salaries range from $80K - $250K.  That's 500K reasons to stick it out in North America.  And I am sure he still wants to and thinks he can be an NHL defenseman.  I don't fault him for that.

But getting back to the original reason for this discussion.  You are questioning why fans ranked Carlsson so low on the prospect list.  The rankings should be about expectations and ceilings.  You yourself are suggesting he might just be a #6/7 or emergency call up #8 d-man.   That's not all that much to get excited about and shouldn't rank a player as a high prospect.  Our prospect pool is already poor, imagine if we had a last pairing d-man ranked in our top 7-9.  Yuck!

You are more than welcome to continue this discussion with the rest of the CBJ fans who voted.  He was getting some love starting at #10 but it took him to #14 to swing enough votes his way.

Comment 17 Nov 2020

Q, fans can be fickle but I think they have been more than patient with Carlsson who is almost 24 years old now.  He was in Z's draft class and I know its not fair to compare him to a top ten pick but Carlsson was a first rounder himself and he has basically been stagnant for four years in Cleveland.  He does not appear to be any more ready for the NHL now than he was as a rookie.

  • 2015: #6
  • 2016: #7
  • 2017: #3
  • 2018: #9
  • 2019: #11
  • 2020: #14

At some point you realize a guy just might not get there.  All the players that were ahead of him in 2015 or 2016 are either gone or graduated to the NHL.  We've had four more drafts since then and he is still sitting in the AHL (if you think he is getting playing time in the NHL this season based on merit that's unrealistic).  Its logical to assume the fanbase will be more hopeful for the new kids that have been drafted.

As for the players beyond six, I think TFW could possibly develop into a nice third line winger.  He's short but he plays with enough speed and lots of smarts and he's which through the body so he doesn't shy away from the physical part of the game.  I also hope Knazko could be a Kukan type player...he's still quite young so lots of time to grow as a player.  Pyyhtia is my "adopt a rookie" and I am pulling for him :)

Comment 16 Nov 2020

So that's not my list, that's the list from the poll of CBJ fans over at Hockey's Future boards.

But yes, I would still have Voronkov above Stens.  I see Stens as a bubble AHL/NHL guy.  I don't think he is skilled enough to be a regular top nine player but his game is not well suited for an energy line (fourth line).  He does most of his damage on the PP....just feel like on a healthy team he's a hard guy to keep a roster spot open for.  Voronkov is still young, has lots of size and loves to use it and supposedly plays a Boone style of game.  See him as a tough to play against two way 3rd line center.  That makes his ceiling higher than Stens.  IMO.

I don't mind the list as a whole.  You can always argue players a little higher or lower.  My two thoughts are...

1) I don't have V2 anywhere in my top ten.  I just don't see what others see.  I hope I am wrong but I see the second coming of Anton Forsberg...a very low end NHL backup.

2) Hoping someone surprises but I don't see much behind #6 that will make much of an impact in the NHL.  That's a very thin pipeline of prospects.  Hoping either a Hjorth, Knazko or Pyyhtia can surprise.

Comment 14 Nov 2020

Here's the final list:

  1. Liam Foudy (LW/C)
  2. Kirill Marchenko (LW)
  3. Yegor Chinakhov (RW)
  4. Andrew Peeke (D)
  5. Dmitri Voronkov (LW)
  6. Daniil Tarasov (G)
  7. Veini Vehviläinen (G)
  8. Kevin Stenlund (C)
  9. Trey Fix-Wolansky (RW)
  10. Tim Berni (D)
  11. Samuel Knazko (D)
  12. Mikael Pyyhtia (C)
  13. Eric Hjorth (D)
  14. Gabriel Carlsson (D)
  15. Matiss Kivlenieks (G)
  16. Jacob Christiansen (D)
  17. Ryan MacInnis (C)
  18. Samuel Johannesson (D)
  19. Ole Julian Bjorgvik Holm (D)
  20. Kole Sherwood (RW)
Comment 04 Nov 2020

Gus out 5-6 months after shoulder surgery. The lines they are a changin’. 

Comment 27 Oct 2020

If Jarmo was willing to take a swing at Hall then I can assume he still feels the team needs more help and that he’s been given the green light to spend. 

Hoffmann on a one year deal makes a lot of sense for us if we really think the kids truly just need more time getting up to speed and it doesn’t impact our ability to sign our FAs in future years. 

agree with RKNODE, gotta get PLD done so we can start talking with FAs who are still available. 

Comment 27 Oct 2020

Are you suggesting there are scenarios where the CBJ trade Korpi AND in the next year or two?  I say "no chance" whatsoever.  One of those guys is your Columbus starter until/if Tarasov becomes an NHL goalie (no guarantees or timeline there).

Comment 26 Oct 2020

Anyone who wants to participate in the fun of ranking our CBJ prospects (its fan based rankings), the annual off-season project just began (voting for the #1 prospect ends Oct 28).  After that the voting opens for #2, then #3, etc.  Here's the link...

Comment 26 Oct 2020

I personally don't get all the love for V2.  I wonder if he s going to be just like the guy who Korpi shared the Cleveland net with for a couple years (we traded him to Chicago and he has bounced around the league).

Kivy is going to be exposed to the Kraken in the expansion draft.  I doubt they take him because we will be exposing much better players either on the blue line or in the forward group.  So maybe he sticks in the CBJ organization a couple more years.

I do wonder why Thome doesn't even get a mention.  Yes he is a bit older and not as far along in his development but the kid has shown he can play at a very high level in the NCAAs.  Listen to his interview with Dylan Tyrer, he didn't even play organized hockey until he was 11 or 12...yet still was talented enough to get drafted and make his way to one of the top hockey schools in the NCAAs.  I wouldn't bet against him quite yet.

Comment 25 Oct 2020

Not the CBJ, we never have to deal with injuries. Now where’s my sarcasm don’t?

Comment 24 Oct 2020

I still think there is a disconnect in this thread between what is a "cap" team and what is a "budget" team.  My interpretations:

Tier 1 Cap Team: this is a team where money is no object...including willingness to buy out players at any price to get rid of them...and staff.  Teams in this tier typically include Toronto, NY Rangers, Chicago, Boston, etc. I actually think Vegas already fits in this category.

Tier 2 Cap Team: this is a team that will spend to the cap every year but isn't necessarily spending extra cash on buyouts and such just to free up roster spots.  Teams in this tier typically include teams like St Louis, Vancouver, Washington, San Jose etc

Tier 3 Budget Team: this is a team that might spend to the cap under the right circumstances.  likely sticks to an internal budget below the cap but still well above the floor and will make them competitive while biding their time until their window opens and then spend to the cap to make that push.  Teams in this tier typically include Columbus, Carolina, Calgary, Dallas, Colorado, etc

Tier 4 Budget Team: this is a team that plays to the cap floor and is happy to be in the league making money.  The owner hopes to someday hit the jackpot with lots of young players on restricted salaries and veterans happy to collect a paycheck all playing above their heads.  Teams in this tier typically include Ottawa, New Jersey and Florida

That said: we have seen Mac Jr spend to the cap ceiling.  He has not been shy about going for it in the past.  But I do think he is reluctant to simply buyout players and spend dead cash just to open up a roster spot for someone else.  The Clarkson for Horton deal is a perfect example of that.  Just because Jarmo isn't spending to the cap doesn't mean he couldn't (I could afford to buy a new car right now but just because I can doesn't mean I should or need to).  I suspect if Jarmo went to Mac Jr and said: I want this guy, he will help this team win that Mac Jr would give him the green light.  Remember, this is a GM who offered Bread something like $96 Million for 8 years.  That's not a budget team...that's a GM who is calculated.