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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1986 NY Mets World Series...Jesse Orosco tossing that winning glove high in the air!
  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Of all time? Brian Leetch!
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Comment 19 hours ago

Thanks, AP just did an article in The Athletic specifically about Marchenko and Voronkov.

Voronkov at 6'4" and the potential for a very solid frame when he fills it out supposedly reminds scouts of a Boone Jenner type of player...I guess only bigger.  Me like!

Marchenko: the more I read and see highlights the more I get excited that he could perhaps be that impact first line winger we so badly need.  Supposedly the only reason Marchenko dropped to the second round of the draft had nothing to do with talent was more of the "Russian Factor"...concerns about his desire to jump the pond and play in the NHL.  But he and Gavrikov were teammates in Russia before Vlad came over last season so hopefully he can be a good advocate for the CBJ organization.  Fingers crossed.

I see it now...three years from now we have Vlad, Voronkov, Marchenko and Tarasov...and Elvis is supposedly fluent in Russian too :)

Comment 25 Mar 2020

I understand almost all the rules but I think strategy is a hard one.  The intermission guys try to explain it but I think they do a poor job.  Its not their fault but its hard to break down plays in such a short amount of time and make it digestible for the average fan.

I would like a little more insight about the strategies of the game that we as the viewing audience might not understand.  Perhaps from the perspectives of the coaches and/or players.  Z explaining why he doesn't race back for pucks in the defensive zone (looks like he isn't skating hard enough) so he can avoid big hits was interesting and informative.  I like those things because they are things we as fans probably don't pick up on.  Understanding strategy is helpful and I don't know much of it.  Examples of things to highlight...

  • Cam was moved to the right half wall on power plays which means he has no opportunities to use his one timer.  Seems illogical to me but the coaches must have a reason for it.  So...what's the advantages and disadvantages of this.
  • Along that same line, the advantages and disadvantages of having a left sticked vs right sticked d-man on the blue line (protecting the wall).
  • Most people understand picks in basketball or WRs crossing the middle of the field to take out a defender (its highlighted for us) but I notice it happens in hockey as well but I am less cognizant of it.  Would like to understand its uses better.
  • Another example, AP did some really great work this fall talking with the goalie coach about the challenges Elvis and V2 faced making the transition to the smaller rink.  Bemmer of course also had to make major adjustments as well.  We fans say "well they have to get used to the smaller surface because its a different game" but getting into the nuts and bolts about how it was different made the story work.

As a note, I have a buddy in Philly who plays hockey.  I get to see him once a year if we are lucky and go to a game.  He watches the game differently than I do...he sees so much more.  I ask him questions but I don't want to ruin his experience watching the game by asking too many.  I don't need to understand the game quite the way he does but I recognize I understand so little compared to him.

We were at a CBJ game in Brooklyn and the CBJ scored (he's an Isles fan).  He says, 'you know that goal never happens without that great play by Jones'.  I am thinking...'really, he never even touched the puck during the play and never seemed a factor' and he is simply referring to how Jones' positioning forced the Isles to move the puck in another direction and caused a change in possession resulting in the goal (most d-men would have positioned themselves differently  in that instant).  I hadn't noticed it.

I think hockey strategy is harder to grasp than it is in the other three major team sports.  Everyone understands the reason for a bunt or putting a left handed pitcher up against a left handed batter or how a shift on a the defensive line is meant to create mismatches and confusion for an offensive line hopefully freeing up a blitzer.  But hockey...not so much.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Peeke is exempt so If Jones, Z and Gavrikov are protected you still have a top four and if you can only lose one between Kukan and Nuti we have a top five.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

You had to know the McConnells would come through.  Have faith buddy!

Comment 28 Feb 2020

Everyone values their own players more than others.  I am bad at this game but...does a 20+ goal scoring d-man = a 30+ goal scoring forward?  Z doing it with little help around him while Nylander doing it with three other star players on the ice.

Comment 28 Feb 2020

There has to be a likely chance he goes on LTIR.  He gets paid by the insurance company and the CBJ get his cap space back.  Team wins, Dubi wins, fans win.  Only the insurance company loses but that's what they have actuarials for and suspect they are making plenty of money regardless so I don't feel bad for them.

Perhaps CBJ offer him a position in the organization somewhere if he wants it.

Comment 25 Feb 2020

Its a response to CBJMatt regarding prolific Juniors scorers that don't translate to the NHL.

Comment 25 Feb 2020

OK, I looked it up just because I can be a numbers nerd sometimes.  This season's goals/team/game by league are:

  • Q: 3.479
  • O: 3.869
  • W: 3.262
Comment 25 Feb 2020

Maybe twenty years ago but I'm not sure that rings true anymore.  I think the Q, O and W can be pretty comparable offensively.  Just this season the top ten point getters from each league: Q: 101 - 74, O: 105 - 78, W: 98 - 70.  Last season it was: Q: 111 - 86, O: 117 - 97, W: 114 - 84 and two years ago the W had nine guys between 129 - 100 (I think the W plays four more regular season games but that's still eye popping).

As for Sokolov, he was completely passed over in last year's draft so this will be his second kick at the can (kinda like when we picked TFW last year).  I would think its rare for a player being drafted in their second year of eligibility to be a super high draft pick (no research or knowledge, just a hunch).  He is not listed in ISS' January 2020 top 31 draft prospects.  NHL has him at #94 among N American skaters, that does not include Euros or goalies so based on current rankings he would maybe be a late round selection.

Comment 19 Feb 2020

Voronkov was named Rookie of the Week in the KHL last week!  Go Dmitry!

Comment 16 Feb 2020

Not even remotely my first experience but the first for some friends of mine...

I took them to the Jacks (or was it Barons) playoff game held at the Strongsville rink.  The Gund was not available and the team had home ice advantage so the game was moved to Strongsville.  They built out the stands to hold like 2500 people.  We lost but...that little place was ROCKING!  Kind of a once in a lifetime experience.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

So I will add what I believe is true to your history...

  1. Together, Swig and the Gunds moved the team to Cleveland at the Gunds suggestion (it was difficult getting the NHL to agree to the relocation).  And yes they played in the Richfield Coliseum. The Gunds eventually bought Swig out as he continued to miss payroll, etc.
  2. After a couple of poor years the Gunds paid for a study to determine how long it would take to build up a fanbase for NHL hockey and produce an economically sustainable franchise in Cleveland.  The projected time line was too long so they sought the merger with Minnesota becoming partners in the ownership group there.
  3. First the Gunds got the expansion team in San Jose (started play in 1991) and then the North Stars moved to Dallas (1993).  That expansion was crazy with MN getting half the roster, San Jose getting the other half of the roster and then an expansion draft for both teams to fill out their rosters.
  4. For anyone interested, there is a good book called High Sticks and Hattricks, the story of professional hockey in Cleveland.  The author starts with the teams that preceded the AHL Barons (of the early 1900s), goes up through the 1940s when the Barons owner turned down an offer from the NHL to join the Original Six and become #7, through Nick Miletti's failed attempts to secure an NHL expansion franchise, the WHA Crusaders and NHL Barons and then the Lumberjacks.  Leaves you considering a lot of "what ifs".
Comment 13 Feb 2020

OWSH45, and of course the Seals moved to Cleveland and became the Barons (loved their red sweaters with the outline of Ohio and the "C" inside it)!  That's pretty cool.

Sharks were just slightly more successful than the Seals.  Were they also the Golden Seals?  I only learned the story of how the Sharks came full circle form the Seals and the crazy expansion draft they had for the team.  I am not sure how I did not know abut it (maybe it wa while I was living in Japan).  Its really a Wild story (no pun intended) and never heard of such a thing!

Comment 13 Feb 2020

I don't remember the exact details but it would have been mid-late 70s at Nassau Coliseum to see the Isles play.  A buddy of mine and I met up on the Island last season and hit up a CBJ v Isles game there.  It was good memories...everything except the CBJ getting beaten.

The Islanders practice facility was about a five minute bike ride from my house at a county park and I lifeguarded there in the mid-late 80s and I would sometimes run into some of the guys.

Comment 11 Feb 2020

I am not sure a buyout of Dubi is necessary.  I think he goes on LTIR (Long Term Injury), his salary is paid by insurance and he comes off the cap. No hard financial decision to make and its almost $6 Million extra space which is a lot of breathing room!  I'm also unsure how much these guys are really going to make.

Comment 11 Feb 2020

I don't know the details of the rules but I think its different from the beginning of the season.  AP explained some of it in a tweet yesterday or Sunday.  IIRC, if Foudy had made the squad out of camp they could have him active for I think 9 games but if he gets to ten then you have to keep him.  But if you send him down then he cannot be recalled during the season (except under specific "emergency" situations).

This was considered an emergency situation...and I think the Knights had to agree to let him go too (but I can't see how a CHL team could tell a kid "no").  I didn't see that he was sent back down...I have no idea what the rule is about how long he was allowed to stay.

Comment 07 Feb 2020

I like Hoffman, he's a legit 30+ goal scorer but he is a UFA this off-season and will be 31 just after next season starts.  He's already being paid $5 Million a season.  He knows this is his last big payout so I see him asking for 5-6 years at an AAV of $6+ Million.  You wanna give a guy that kind of scratch who might only live up to the contract value for 2-3 years?  I am not saying no don' do it, just saying know the ramifications of doing it.

I don't know enough about Haula.  He's not a 30 Goal scorer...more like 20-25 but he's also younger and would come cheaper than Hoffman.  He's also Finnish so Jarmo likes that...especially since we are playing two regular season games in Helsinki next season.

Other upcoming UFAs include Taylor Hall (28), Chris Kreider (29), Tyler Toffoli (28), Sam Reinhart (24) and Namestnikov (27).  I like Kreider, I bet he fits Torts system well but he's not necessarily an offensive difference maker like Hall or Hoffman.

Here's an idea, how about a generous but shorter deal for Dadonov?  He will be 32 in March but averaged 28 Gs and 67 Points the last two years and he's on pace for 37 Gs and 66 Points again this year.  I don't know if he wold come to Columbus didn't talk with Bread but it might talk to an older guy like Dadanov who hasn't been making NHL money all that long and might not have another contract in him.  How about 4 x $7 or 4 x $7.5?  We can afford that, especially after Dubi's contract comes off the books for LTIR.

Comment 07 Feb 2020

Great question GM, way too early to know but if I had to guess...

  • Marchenko is the only one with top line talent and he is locked into the KHL for two more years after this season.  I don't have any issues with that, he should be ready to contribute as soon as he arrives (ala Gavrikov) but it does mean we have to be patient and he is no help in the next couple years.
  • Tex and Bemmer as mid-six forwards.  I think we might have over-hyped both guys and now the roller coaster has kinda swung down in the other direction.  Betting somewhere in the middle is where the end up...which is OK.
  • Foudy on the third line.  Eevery time I hear people evaluate his skills I picture Jason Chimera but playing center.  Great wheels, solid defensively, hard worker, good character guy but hands that can't keep up with his feet.
  • TFW as a bottom six

And you know that's not bad return for any of these guys (except Foudy).  If Marchenko is a 2nd liner or better that's great for a second rounder, Same thoughts on Tex...he was a second rounder.  Bemmer was a 5th rounder, if he is a middle sixer he has over achieved.  TFW was a seventh rounder in his second year of draft eligibility...if he even plays in the NHL he has beaten the odds.

I think we should also keep an eye on Dmitry Voronkov who we picked with our 4th rounder this past year.  Big kid with a good skill set.  He's certainly not lighting the KHL on fire as a 19 year old but he's young and had a really solid World Juniors tournament in Dec/Jan (named one of Russia's top three players of the tournament).  He might have mid-six potential as well.

Comment 07 Feb 2020

I'd settle for Matty C.

  • Calvert (5th round pick) vs TFW (7th round pick)
  • Both played in WHL and both and were team captains (I think Matty wore an A)
  • Both are undersized (Matty C is taller but TFW is weightier), both skate with speed and are relentless not shying away from physical play or larger opponents
  • Matty C 99 Gs and 230 Pts in198 WHL games, TFW 93 Gs and 245 Pts in 206 WHL Games
  • Matty's first season in AHL was 13 Gs and 25 Pts in 38 Games (.33 GPG and .66 PPG).  TFW is at 7 Gs and 16 Pts in 28 Games (.25 GPG and .57 PPG) but on a hot streak so his numbers could easily improve and he could match Matty C's first AHL season stats.
Comment 06 Feb 2020

TFW getting comfortable in Cleveland!  After scoring just 1 G in his first 11 Games, he has 6 Gs and 15 Pts in his next 17 Games (including 4 Gs in his last 5 Games with no multi-G games so he is consistent and productive most nights).  If he can continue on this pace of a near PPG for the rest of the season the team might have to take a more serious look at him next season.