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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1986 NY Mets World Series...Jesse Orosco tossing that winning glove high in the air!
  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Of all time? Brian Leetch!
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Comment 23 Jun 2020

Here is a good read: Bob McKenzie's final draft rankings

Comment 23 Jun 2020

I am resolved to the fact the conclusion of this season quite possibly won't happen and fully expect next season to be very delayed.

Comment 22 Jun 2020

Two comments

  1. Gerbe is probably the equivalent of the sixth man in basketball. He probably shouldn’t stay in this series in game one but if the team is struggling to find its energy and identity he should be Forest man of the bench
  2.  I feel Nash is a starter. He played very well in last season’s playoffs and his experience counts for something. 
Comment 15 Jun 2020

Thanks for the thoughts Chris.  Couple of things...

  1. No need to sell me on Kukan, I have been a fan since before his first call up to Columbus in 2015-2016.
  2. You say he has been in and out of the lineup this season but not necessarily due to injury.  Kukan went on IR January 3rd and I don't believe he was ever healthy to return to the lineup.  That means he played 33 of a possible 41 games.  That's better than 80% of the games while competing for a spot against an established d-man in Nuti and assuming he didn't miss a game because he was nicked up.  Not sure I would consider his playing time erratic at all.
  3. I still get excited thinking about the goal he scored vs Boston in Game 5 to tie the score at 3-3 last year.  I jumped out of my seat on that one!
Comment 05 Jun 2020

I like re-seeding...I'd be fine if the NHL made this a regular thing.

Actually what I really would like is for the top seed to be able to choose their opponent.  IOW

  • 1 chooses between the four teams seeded 5 thru 8
  • 2 chooses from the three remaining teams seeded 5 thru 8
  • 3 chooses from the two remaining teams seeded 5 thru 8
  • 4 gets no choice...they get leftovers

This would make the battle for the top four seeds that much bigger a deal and especially for teams battling to be #4 rather than #5.  It will also prevent teams seeded 6 thru 8 from easing off the pedal to try and manipulate the playoff matchups (example: teams view #2 seed to be stronger opponent than #1 seed so they play softer down the stretch hoping to land in the #8 spot rather than #7).

Comment 31 May 2020

He put up 30 and 25 his last two seasons in Colorado (based on an 82 game schedule) so I would take the"over".

There is something called "NHLe", its a calculator that estimates how a player's offense in another league may translate to an NHL equivalent.  Obviously there is no real crystal ball but I am guessing their algorithm is based on recent past history and they can justify the numbers it spits out.

  • Based on Grigorenko's three KHL seasons his NHLe is 52 points.
  • Based on just his last two seasons his NHLe is 60 (about 23 Gs and 37 As).

I would be happy if he was a 20-40 guy.  Also depends on whether he is playing C or F and how high up in the lineup.

Comment 22 May 2020

Leafs have better high end talent and more offensive power than we do.  We have more depth and a team better built for the rigors of playoff hockey (though I suspect the Leafs learned a thing or two from their seven game season vs Boston last year).  Goaltending would be big in this series...we need great...not just good goaltending.  Though Korpi is more consistent I think Elvis has the higher ceiling and a hot Elvis carries us further than Korpi.  Elvis also has the better post-season and high stakes game experience.

Comment 20 May 2020

Yep, depends on the player.  Boone was also a C in Juniors but started his NHL career at wing and the team decided they liked him there so he never really moved back (at least not full time).  This is the current question with Tex, he was a C in Europe but will he successfully make that jump to C in the NHL.

Comment 16 May 2020

Not all our injuries...Andy still won't play.  He had surgery in March and was projected out for 4-6 months so the most optimistic would be mid-July and I wonder just how intense his rehab has been under the circumstances.

As for 20 v 24, its wrong to mark a negative in the 20 column because some teams will get BYES and not put that same negative in the 24 column.  Unless they do just 16 then 20 and 24 are on the same level.  I understand the argument for not wanting to eliminate Habs and Hawks and I am OK with either scenario but 20 seems like a better compromise than 24.  24 teams means top 8 teams need a BYE while bottom 16 get a pre-season.

Comment 12 May 2020

Comment 12 May 2020

THN just did a "re-draft" article for the 2018 draft and both of our top players moved up.  Foudy moved from #18 to #16 (not huge but up is better than down) and Marchenko jumps up into the first round from #49 to #30.  I don't think anyone has ever questions Marchenko's talent, he dropped because of the "Russian factor".  I bet if you looked at the 2018 THN Draft Preview he was ranked in the top 32.

Comment 12 May 2020

So it is sounding like the NHL draft might be just about a month away.  Not sure if the CBJ will be drafting around 15 but that's where all the mocks are putting them for the moment.  But here's the question of the moment...seeing how we are not drafting Lafreniere or Byfield and it will be middle of the pack...

Do we draft BPA or position specific.  If its position specific, where do you think we should be drafting?  Do you draft a guy you think will be a top six forward who can score but might not be ready for a couple years or do you draft a high end d-man which might let you trade from your current strength for immediate scoring help knowing there is still high end d depth in the system?

The Hockey Writers (THW) have us drafting Geoff Sanderson's kid at #15.  Supposedly he would be a steal in the middle of the first round but this is expected to be a stacked draft class in the top ten.  THW calls this the first big steal of the draft and THN says he is top pairing prospect and a ceiling = Zach Werenski (FTR, THN does not do a mock draft so they don't project him to the CBJ and have him ranked as the #12 prospect in the draft...the comparison to Z is just a coincidence.  Or is it ;)

Comment 12 May 2020

Oops, my bad and good catch.

If division playoffs, the teams left out would be: Chicago, LA and San Jose...and Seattle

If conference playoffs, the teams left out would be: Anaheim, LA and San Jose...and Seattle

Comment 11 May 2020

Sounds to me like they are going to cancel the remainder of the regular season and maybe jump right into a 24 team playoff with the first round being a best of three.  Perhaps that is top eight teams get a BYE, bottom sixteen play best of three, and then four rounds of best of seven to a championship.

If that's the case, the non-playoff teams can be determined now (there are a couple of discrepancies based on whether you take top six from each division or top twelve from each conference).  Might have to flip a coin to make it as fair as possible to the four teams vying for two spots (see below).

Playoffs would take 10 weeks.  If they could get the training camp #2 done by mid June they should crown a champion before mid September.  Give guys six weeks off, start camp 2020-2021 Nov 1 and start regular season in mid November.

So draft would have to be...mid-June, start of TC #2?

If its top six from each division then the eight teams left out are

  • Rangers, Devils, Sens and Wings
  • Wild, Hawks, Kings and Sharks

If its top twelve from each conference then the eight teams left out are

  • Sabres, Devils, Sens and Wings
  • Ducks, Hawks, Kings and Sharks
Comment 06 May 2020

You know I don't know much about him except for what I learned during the interview.  I know he has only been playing D since he was thirteen and playing D takes longer to develop than playing F so perhaps he is a late bloomer.  His offense really popped this year as an over-ager but if he were in the NCAAs he'd still have a couple years of eligibility so he's not really too old to still develop into an NHLer.

This upcoming season in Cleveland will be interesting to see how he plays against men.

Comment 06 May 2020

Anyone else been listening to the "Prospect Pipeline" podcasts (ppp) on the CBJ Radio Network? I will admit I have not been listening to many of the CBJ podcasts since the season was suspended but I listened to the first three (ppp) today while chilling on the back patio. I know they throw the players a lot of softball questions but they have been interesting to listen to and I recommend them.

First three were Foudy, TFW and Christiansen. Next up are Tim Berni, V2 and Thome.

Comment 27 Apr 2020

Are you asking me, Jarmo or the Wings?

  • I know its just a half season but I have been a fan of Elvis' for like four or five years now so I am a believer he is a stud #1 goalie.  So would I be willing to give up Korpi plus a longshot prospect for a 25-30 goal winger...yep.
    • FTR, I know I might sound like I am tooting my own horn on prospects I liked turning out to be very good...nope...I was a big Galchenyuk fan and the turned out to be a bust.  I am sure like most I miss more than I hit.
  • If you are asking as Jarmo and the CBJ?  Jarmo has also been big on Elvis for a long time.  I also know he is a gambler.  I could see him making this move If he believes in Mantha (of which I have no idea).
  • If you are asking what it would take to pry Mantha out of Detroit...their current situation is not young or very good.  In the system their top two guys are a guy playing in the AHL but he struggled in limited action this past year and, Keith Petruzelli, a big college kid out of Quinnipiac who has gotten better and better each season.  Neither is a guarantee to be a legit NHL goalie.
    • I think it would be safe to say the organization has nobody currently under contract that is a solution for 2020-2021 and possibly not 2021-2022 either.  So, if they don't wanna suck in goal they are going to have to find some outside help.
    • So what options do they have: UFAs <31 who have legit experience and decent numbers: Holtby and Lehner.  Neither guys is coming cheap.  I would certainly rather have Korpi over Holtby but its 50-50 on Lehner but he is going to be in demand and Detroit might not be able to get him even if they make a push.  Mantha is a big part of their team, so to give him up for a Goalie I expect they would want Korpi plus another real piece that isn't crazy expensive.  I don't think they can expect an established offensive weapon (like Bjorkstrand) plus Korpi but it would be a guy with real potential.  Maybe Korpi plus Bemmer or Tex...or maybe Voronkov?  You gotta give to get...and I don't think Robby, Stens, TFW are "enough extra" and not sure we are ready to include Marchenko or Foudy in a deal.

I think there is enough to do a deal if both sides are interested.

For the record, Mantha is an RFA with arbitration rights this off-season.  Be interesting to see what he wants and what Detroit is willing to offer.  I'd want him locked up for at least 3-5 years and he was already making $3.3 Million so not sure where his number comes in on this contract.

Comment 27 Apr 2020

Hard to compare Mantha to Murray.  Murray has chronic issues and has played just one full NHL season in seven and not since 2015-2016 and 347 of a possible 574 games (60.5%).  Hell he could only manage to play 66% of his WHL games over his last three seasons there.  Mantha has played one full season in three and 250 of a possible 337 games (74%).

This isn't fair for me though, I was a Mantha honk when he was back in juniors and wanted us to draft him.  6'5" 235 Lb player who is a legit 25-30 goal scorer.  Imagine what he could do not stuck on such a crappy team!  That said, I think it would take a lot to pry him out of Detroit.  Murray, Bemmer and a 2nd rounder for him?  Nuti, a middling prospect and a 2nd?  I am open to discussion on making it happen.  I know he's a RW but he's a left-handed shot, don't see why he couldn't play the left side 5v5  and switch to the right side for PPs.

Edit: GM, I wrote this a couple hours ago but was distracted and just got back to finishing and posting it.  So...I agree with your sentiments.  I would go about Nuti, Bemmer and a 2nd rounder.  A legit NHL d-man, a nice looking offensive prospect who has already shown he can pay in the NHL and maybe even be dangerous plus a second round pick.