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I grew up a Penguins' fan, but made the switch to my local CBJ in 2000. Believe it or not, I have no regrets with that.


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  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Current: Seth Jones; Past: David Vyborny
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Comment 15 Jan 2020

IMO, I'd be willing to take a gamble & trade Korpi for a scorer.  Elvis has more upside.  

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Bread has been struggling.  Getting into that scrap may just pull him out of it.  Teams usually respond when a scorer snaps and throws down.  He took a cheap shot, so I can't blame him for going after McAvoy.

I remember Mario Lemieux snapping a few times back in the day and pummeling dudes.  Mario was a big dude though, so it wasn't as much of a surprise when he'd get the upper hand.

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I know there's 19 games (I think?) left to go, but it feels like tonight is a must-win for the Jackets.  They've done well against the Flyers, but they are about as hot as it gets right now.  But you have to win these home games against teams you are fighting with for a playoff spot.  Carolina is hot as well, and we all know how we've done versus the Pens.  After losing Tuesday, we have 3 more home games on this stand,  The schedule is not getting any easier, so I think we need at least 4-5 points out of these 3 games.

Comment 26 Feb 2019

I wanted the Jackets to trade Bread as well.  I also wanted them to deal Bob, if they could.  But now since that did not happen, I'm going to sit back and enjoy this season, see where it goes, and not worry about the worst case scenarios for the UFAs.  Hopefully, we will finish strong, solidify a playoff spot, and make a deep run.  

Many times as a sports fan, I wanted my team's GM to say f*ck it, and go for it.  Most times, it didn't happen and the GM played it safe for the long haul.  So, I'm going to have fun with this and enjoy this ride.  Go Jackets!

Comment 25 Jan 2019

I have no ill will towards Russian players.  I guess I'm just a little frustrated because the ones I mentioned were either really good, or had the potential to be really good.  We obviously have had good apples too and still have others in the system that should contribute.  We've had our fair share of divas and other players who wanted out besides Russians, I guess I just had to be reminded of them.  I forgot how much both Carter & Foote pissed me off.

I guess Columbus just isn't for everyone.  When you live in Columbus (or surroundings) and love it, it's hard to understand why some of these guys want out so badly.  You hear of some veterans making a home here after hockey because they love the area so much, so you wonder what others that don't like it are thinking?  For example, Andrew Cassels came back after retiring with the Caps to live here.  He was my 7 year old son's coach last Winter at the Easton Chiller, and now has moved on to coach OSU Women's hockey (I think?).  And I know there's a host of others like that.

Maybe it's the organization they want to get away from?  That is frustrating because there's so much potential.  There's a nice young nucleus and it's the only professional team in town (of the big 4).  And even if you consider the Crew, their seasons hardly overlap.  So the fans would be all-in with continued success.  There's already a core that's in, regardless of how good the Jackets are doing.

I'm holding out hope that Bread stays.  I feel it's 50-50 from what I've read.