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I'm a registered nurse in the state of Indiana. Like to run when the weather is nice.. Became a huge hockey fan around 2011-2013. Jackets season ticket holder.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State Buckeyes winning the 2002-2003 National Championship game.
  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Vladimir Tarasenko
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers

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Comment 10 Oct 2017

Agree with ya here.  He also nullified a decent amount of "would-be" power-plays last season as well.. I'm fine with players that stick up for teammates when needed, but I felt like he was too quick to drop the gloves/further agitate a player, when it was not necessary. 

Comment 29 Aug 2017


1. My name is Kory. I grew up in Coldwater, Ohio, but currently live in Rockford, Ohio. Pretty much, I live 2 hours west of Columbus.  I work as a night shift RN in Decatur, Indiana in the ICU department now.  I loved football growing up.  Root for the Coldwater Cavaliers (HS football, MAC territory in Ohio), Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Cincinnati Bengals.  My dad became a Blue Jacket fan in 2009.  He started to get my Mom and I hooked in about 2010-2011.  My family has a 2 seat full season ticket plan in C1 (Club Section 1) that we split among ourselves.  I try to go to about 15 games a year.  My girlfriend started to become a Columbus Blue Jacket fan last season as well.

2. Most memorable CBJ moment.. I hate that it ended in a loss, but I still think the playoff game 3 vs the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2017 NHL playoffs was pretty cool for me.  Went with my girlfriend and my parents.  First playoff game for me.  Crowd was super electric all game long.  I know some think I'm a bit crazy.. But, if Columbus keeps winning/being a playoff team- I think we could see Columbus start to become a bit of a hockey town/ have legit passion.

3 and 4.  That's a hard call for me.  My favorite player used to be Matt Calvert.. But, now I really like Seth Jones.  I like that Seth Jones is sort of under-rated even among casual CBJ fans.  Shoot, nobody wears his jersey/shirt to a game.   Favorite prospect- Bjorkstrand.

Comment 18 May 2017

I've actually begun to wonder how much longer Calvert is a full time NHL player.  I figured that he can stay on for another 2 seasons, but I wondered beyond that.  The big thing that he offers is his speed, hustle, and grit.  He's a good 4th liner.  Also, keeping in mind.. How quickly an NHL career can end.  I like Matt Calvert, but he is replaceable.

Comment 17 May 2017

First of all, it's not happening.

Ovechkin makes 10 million dollars a year.. Of course, we'll be trading away a lot of cap if we were to inquire for him..

But, the Capitals aren't going to be trading Ovechkin, and we aren't going to be inquiring about him.  I mean, it would be pretty expensive (to say the least) to attempt to get him.  We'd probably have to say goodbye to Pierre Luc Dubois, first round picks, and some other good pieces.  That closes our window of opportunity in competing for a Stanley Cup as well since we would be trading away our top prospect, a 1st round pick or two, and probably a couple other very valuable members of our team for a 32 year old this coming year.  He's still scoring 70 points a year, but his age closes our windows of opportunity to compete/win a title considering what we would trade to get him.

We all know our needs relate to a #1 Center primarily.  Ovechkin doesn't play center.  Another issue- There is very likely no way of obtaining a #1 C via trade if we were to attempt to get him.

Comment 30 Apr 2017

Vegas shouldn't have to worry much about making the salary cap floor.. Plus, I'm sure there are 30 other teams that would like to cap dump as well to them.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

Those are some excellent stats and a breakout year in the USHL.. Could certainly see why the Jackets/other teams would like to snag him up..

His name is also very impressive.  The Blue Jackets also have some impressive names in my books across the organizational/prospect levels (in my opinion).  I like the diversity of countries represented.. I mean, Sergei Bobrovsky (Russian), Joonas Korpisaalo (Finland), Anton Forsberg (Sweden), Brad Thiessen (Canadian), Oscar Dansk (Sweden), Elvis Merzlikins (Latvian) and Peter Thome (USA).

Comment 22 Apr 2017

I pretty much agree with much of the plans above.. Sign Wennberg, Anderson to bridge deals.. And, it's time that we explore our options with Scott Hartnell.. At the very least, you have to force him to waive for the expansion draft to protect Josh Anderson.  I think his age is finally catching up with him.  We all knew it would happen eventually.  But, I would also add that the Jackets explore a quality backup goalie option to Bob, especially if they aren't sold on Korpisalo.  He struggled most of this season. 

Wennberg- I don't ever expect him to get 20 goals a season.  But, his play to finish the season was extremely disappointing.  Needed him to bring it up to another gear, but just didn't.

And, I look at any possible trades to bring in a top 6 center if available... We have some defensive depth and this might be the time to see if we can address our Center position by trading Murray or Johnson and packaging a prospect

Comment 21 Apr 2017

I have a forum question/topic that people are free to respond to-

Now, that the Jackets are eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs- Will you continue to watch hockey?  If so, what teams are you pulling for to advance?

I know for me, it'll be somewhat difficult to maintain complete focus on a game.. I like to turn on the game and kind of so-so watch it, check Twitter, cook dinner, and with my completely whacky sleep schedule from working night shifts (doze off for an hour or so)..

But, I imagine I will probably watch and pull for the 1. Blues, 2. Predators. I've always sort of liked Tarasenko and they haven't won it.  My dad's 2nd favorite team is the Predators and he's been trying to get me to watch some of their games.  Will be interested to watch Connor McDavid as well.

Comment 21 Apr 2017

I kind of agree with ya.  I only have 35 positive votes and I've been somewhat of a poster for the last 2 weeks or so on here.. Not a huge deal, I'm not one to start many forums at all, anyways. I do like to join in though on topics that affect the organization as a whole.

Comment 21 Apr 2017

The hard part of the year to keep eyeballs on the site will be coming up now- Offseason.  But, hopefully we can have a bit of talk coming up this year with the Stanley Cup, expansion draft, NHL draft, and trade talk to help the summer lull.

In years past, I was mainly just a Jacket fan.. But, I'll probably be turning into some other playoff series now that the Jacket's are eliminated.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

I think one thing we have to keep in mind.. Is the "level of fandom" of many Jacket's fans.. I'm guessing there's still a good amount that aren't die hard hockey fans/just learning about the game/ or frankly just hear that we have a good team and decide to check out a game/watch on tv occasionally.  That's not to say that's an entirely bad thing.

I started out as a fan that occasionally watched a game a couple times a year in middle/high school, then my dad really got into hockey and started bringing me to games/ eventually bought season tickets that I started to watch them more devotedly and started to really become a "huge" hockey fan starting in 2013 with our run at the end of the year.. Shoot, my girlfriend didn't care/like hockey until I started bringing her to games/watching it with her.  My best friend became a hockey fan after he started to date a girl that liked hockey.  

I think a couple things that would help-

Lower the 100 positive marks on posts to start a new forum.. Shoot, It took me forever to get enough positive posts on Eleven Warriors, it'll take me even longer here.  Also, maybe trying to get some of the other Jacket's fans from other boards over here, which might be a hard pull

A jacket's run to force a game 6 or game 7 against Pittsburgh followed with a good year next year as well.

Trying to convert more of your friends into bigger hockey fans.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

Same here.. I sit in my seat and want them to drop the puck again.. Came for the hockey game, not a pizza or t shirt.  That's what I was a bit worried about when I went to the game on Sunday night.. Was worried it would be all kinds of those little stupid gimmicks.. Thankfully, it was filled with great videos.. The game ops/video ops staff did a great job at game 3.. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

I think we overachieved a bit this year with the help of Bob going back to Vezina year Bob and a much improved D-corps..Honestly, I think being down 3-1 in the series is due to a struggling Bobrovsky and just not having as much skill as the Penguins do with Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, and Fleury has played well enough to get them 2 wins right off the bat at home.  We have several good players, but no star forwards or a #1 center which would help..  I do think we could sneak out another game or two against Pittsburgh due to the heart/work ethic/good players on this team. 

And, just an update- Vitali Abramov and PLD are too young to play in Cleveland next year to begin the season.  They could play in Cleveland once their CHL teams season ends.. So, it's either the NHL or CHL for these two.  Vitali will almost certainly go back to Gatineau in my opinion.. We will see how PLD performs next year in training camp or if he forces a roster spot.  He's had a bit of a down year in the CHL that I could see him going back.. Shoot, he was outscored by about 5 or 6 other Blue Jacket prospects in the CHL.

Comment 11 Apr 2017

Season ticket holders here.. I didn't get much of a chance to watch the games.  I watched game 2 overtime on TV at home with my parents.. I remember feeling sick to my stomache with anxiety the 1st overtime and erupting at home with Calvert's goal- He was already my favorite Jacket prior to that point.. My dad and I were due to go to the game 3 I believe, however my new job that I worked hard to break into asked me to work that night on late notice and I felt the need to say yes..  

My job consists of working 3 12 hour night shifts a week. I swear I had to work 5 of those 6 nights.. 

Within 5 minutes of finding out the schedule, I was on the phone texting a co-worker to see if he wanted to work Easter Sunday night for me so I can go to this game.. Got a yes, so I shall be heading to the game with my parents and my girlfriend (who has become a Blue Jacket's fan this season).  Now, I will wait to see how the first couple games unfold before I bombard my new boss/manager with trade requests so I can watch hockey games.. Might have to stay off Facebook/Twitter/social media/tell parents/girlfriend not to text me so I can watch the games on TV replay the next day without any hint of how the game went.

Comment 05 Apr 2017

When I went to college in Central Indiana, I was friends with a couple Chicago Blackhawks fans, (one was a huge fan).  Just so happened I started to really follow hockey in 2013 and could talk hockey with people.  Actually met a Blue Jacket's fan randomly while wearing a Jacket's jersey.  It was nice being able to have hockey conversations randomly with people throughout the day.. 

Move back home to Western Ohio and work in Indiana at a hospital and it's back to "Are they like the Ft. Wayne Komets", "Isn't hockey all fighting/violence?" But, I do recall running across one person who could actually talk hockey with me..

What I'm trying to do is trying to spread the knowledge of hockey and the Columbus Blue Jacket's.. My dad actually got me to become a fan by taking me to games while I was in college. Like to wear their gear when I'm out around town/going out to eat.  I like to try and bring people to a game as well.  My best friend from high school didn't know anything about hockey some 6 years ago.  Brought him to his 1st game, didn't really become a fan yet... But, he started dating/now marrying a girl who was a huge hockey fan that converted him to becoming a hockey fan.  Now, I join in on their date nights and go to CBJ games with them.  I also got my girlfriend who never heard of the Columbus Blue Jackets 1.5 years ago to become a daily follower of how they are doing, looking at box scores/listening on the radio over in Indiana.  

Comment 21 Mar 2017

To be fair.. Milano was drawing comparisons to Patrick Kane lite at the time of the draft coming close to 3 years ago.. Related to his youtube videos, stick skills, and the amount of points he put up for the US National Development team.. But, Patrick Kane was a #1 overall draft pick, put up 176 points in the OHL for the London Knights in his draft year and has been putting up a point per game in the NHL ever since he was an 18 year old.  Milano was seen as a "long-term" development like pick with home-run potential who decided to forego college hockey for Boston College and go to the OHL.

Although, Sonny Milano was on a horrible team.. He only had 58 points in his post-draft year for the Plymouth Whalers.  Sonny has 34 points in 51 games for Cleveland (although they were pretty much gutted this year).   Although, one big improvement.. Sonny is now playing all facets of the game for Cleveland from reports, leading scorer (although Hannikainen has been up in the NHL some).  

Not really sure what Milano's future lies...It's nowhere near Patrick Kane elite, consistent top line forward in the NHL in my opinion.   But, I think he can be a top 9 or top 6 forward in the NHL.  Probably just a bit more time.  As for one note- We don't have to protect him in the expansion draft.. And, I think it'd be stupid to trade Milano away just to protect Anderson in the draft.  I agree with your view on Anderson.. His growth through each level of pro hockey has been evident.  When he's on his game, his game is hot.  My only slight grumble.. I think he needs to pick his fights/agitating a fight a bit more carefully in the NHL so he's not giving the opposing team a power-play.  I think he's ready to drop the gloves a bit too eagerly, when a fight might not be coming, especially with today's NHL.

As for Dano.. Many, including me were on the Dano hype train.  Has a fun game.. Shoot, I thought he looked like a Brad Marchand type of smaller/gritty/fast type of player with a little pop of points to his game back a couple seasons ago (before Brad Marchand started to post a couple 37 goal seasons)

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Glad to see Ohio State make it in to the tournament.. Started to watch some college hockey a couple years ago when Ohio State made a little run at the Big Ten tournament if I remember correctly.  Also provided me with an opportunity to watch then CBJ prospect- Mike Reilly of Minnesota when they were on.  

Hope to see if we can pull off an upset and beat Minnesota-Duluth

Comment 13 Mar 2017

As of now.. Montreal has the top spot in the Atlantic Division.. But, Ottawa has came on strong and is only 2 points back of Montreal with 2 games in hand..  I certainly wouldn't mind playing Ottawa in the 1st round. C

Metro is just crazy right now.  The Jacket's aren't playing the greatest, but they were finding ways to get points/win games.. It's just Pittsburgh isn't losing at all, the Caps were on fire until the California trip, and the Rangers continue to stay right there a couple points back.

I can't root for the Jackets to lose some extra games just to fall down to the Wildcard spot.. I want this team playing well, winning games, clicking at the end of the year.  I want the confidence flowing through this team as they enter the playoffs.  It might be an easier route, but I want this team close to firing on all engines.

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Quite a bit of others had mentioned it as a possibility on the HFBoards depending on who the Blue Jacket's protect very early in the season with his struggling play.. But, with the way Boone is playing now, I'm betting he is protected by the Jackets.  You can protect 7 forwards- Wennberg, Foligno, Saad, Dubinsky, Atkinson are locks.  Scott Hartnell is a 6th person you have to protect if he isn't willing to waive his no movement clause to Las Vegas for the expansion draft.  Thus leaving one more player- Jenner, Anderson, Karlsson-  Earlier in the season there was much debate with the level of play, but I think you are left protecting 1. Jenner, and 2. Anderson if you can get Hartnell to waive his contract.

Comment 12 Mar 2017

Don't remind me lol.  If/when he comes aboard with a different screen name.. I think it'll be fairly obvious it's YSUBuck.

Comment 12 Mar 2017

Strange.. My family has 2 full season tickets.  We have a 2 hr and 15 minute drive 1 way so we sold quite a bit of the big selling games and even last year with all the losing.. But, I know they had to try hard to get people to renew last season, obviously.

Side note- It's weird how we split the tickets up.. Lately, I've been texting people the day of the game asking if they want a free seat to a Jacket's game with me lol.  In years past, I never had any takers.  Now, I have a former friend from high school I haven't seen in 4 years wanting to go lol.

Comment 11 Mar 2017

Personally, I think the league should keep the 3 on 3 hockey.. It's exciting to watch.  Helps reduce a shootout.  Plus, it decides a winner in the game.  I hate ties.

I know 3 on 3 doesn't take place in normal hockey, but I think it's more like hockey in nature rather than the shootout.  You still have the long transition passes, skating of the puck up the whole ice, passes, and actual defense of an odd-man breakaway.  That's exciting hockey for a regular season.

Now, I could get behind the 3-2-1 points system, but I  doubt the NHL will do that for a while based on how close the points standings/races/wild card positions are come this time of the year.

Shoot, I have the urge to go back and youtube 3 on 3 hockey game highlights now.. And, I rarely get the urge to watch shootout  highlights on youtube.

Comment 11 Mar 2017

The best path is probably the #1 spot in the Metro.. But, I don't think that's too likely unless the Capitals have some huge hiccups down the stretch.  But, dang facing the Islanders on home ice would be nice and let Caps/Pens grind it out..

It might be a bit easier to falter and be passed by the Rangers and finish in the #1 WC spot, but I don't want that..

Personally, of the most likely outcomes- I want the #2 Metro division spot and to face (probably) the Pens with home ice.  Boy would that be a fun series to watch... Just thinking of the energy now.