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Ogie Oglethorpe

Marysville, OH (via Toledo (actually Oregon))

MEMBER SINCE   March 09, 2017

I grew up in Toledo as a Wings fan. Came to Columbus in 1999 to go to OSU. Rooted for the wings until Steve Yzerman retired in 2006. Haven't looked back since.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My first NHL game was when Sergei Fedorov scored 5 goals in one game against the Capitals on 12/26/1996. Seeing the Wings win a couple cups as a teenager was fun. I can't wait to see the cup here in Columbus.
  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Steve Yzerman (sorry grew up a Wings fan)
  • NFL TEAM: Detroit Lions
  • MLB TEAM: Detroit Tigers

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Comment 25 Oct 2017

So I am in the Chicago area for work.  I am happy that I can fully take of advantage of the one nationally televised game we have.  A  Coworker and me went to a sports bar to grab dinner/beer and watch some hockey..  When we get there I ask the server to turn the hockey game on NBCSN.  She says ok.  I see the bartender fiddling with the remote and struggling to turn on.  After a couple minutes, said bartender comes over to us and says "I can't find the Hawks game.  I don't think they are playing.".  I tell him that I know and I want to watch the Blue jackets as I look down at the CBJ shirt that I am wearing.  They are finally able to figure out how to turn it on.  It was shocking to them that some one could care about about the jackets.   Hence why we get no respect nationally.  This is a fun team to watch.  I wish America (and NBC) would realize that.

Comment 02 Oct 2017

Not terrible.   what other Goalie you have.   

Btw DRAFT IS TONIGHT be there or be square

Comment 29 Sep 2017

We just need 1 more and we will have 10.  Ten is a good number.   I am Djarmo Unchained.  I am in a big tarrantino fan hence the name

Comment 27 Sep 2017

Draft who ever you want breadman.    I asked Sobvoda on twitter if he wanted in and he said maybe.   We have 6 now.   I would like to get at least ten.

Comment 26 Sep 2017


Here it is,   I have set for 12 with the draft next monday at 9.   

Comment 26 Sep 2017

I am game.  I will start one and post up here.  the link.  I have played mostly for fun.