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Comment 23 Nov 2020

He had 1 season in Liga before coming over to play in Cleveland. Before that, he'd played in amateur leagues. Does the name Steve Mason mean anything to you? Tarasov doesn't concern me. My understanding is that his blueliners aren't the best and a goalies numbers depend heavily on the defense in front of him.

Comment 14 Nov 2020

I was at the Pittsburgh game. My then girlfriend had won a contest which put us and two of my friends on the Ohio Warriors in the old VIP seats behind the organist. The section to our left was packed with Penguins fans. After Crosby's goal, one them - a rather obnoxious guy (insert your favorite Penguins fan stereotype here) - leaned over and jeered, "Sid's going to humiliate you guys, again." After the 4th Jackets' goal, I looked at the guy and yelled, "Do you think Sid's getting tired of our cannon going off? 'Cause we sure the Hell aren't." The section began emptying out late in the second period. My other memory was from late in the 3rd. I looked over into the section. A family of Penguins fans had brought their daughter, maybe 8 or 10 years old, and she was crying terribly. Her mother was trying to comfort the poor girl and failing. I got the girl's attention and told her that she had no reason to cry because the Penguins were one of the best teams in the league and would certainly be in the playoffs. The girl asked me why we Jackets fans were so happy and I explained that, since the Jackets were formed, Pittsburgh had, regularly, come to NWA and humiliated our team, so beating them so thoroughly kind of felt like payback. While the girl was still sad, she stopped crying.

Comment 07 Nov 2020

Prediction: With uncertainty of when camp, much less the season starts, we're not going to see any real player movement. Once dates are announced, there will be a flurry of trades, since about half the league is over the cap and will need to move contracts to become compliant. Only then will the last UFAs get signed because all teams will know how much cap space they actually have available.

Comment 05 Nov 2020

Maybe. Most likely. But there have been plenty of examples over the last 60 years, in all sports, of a player having a so-so rookie year (And Bemmer's play & numbers improved as the season went on), being sent to the minors to gain experience, but that crushes his confidence and ruins his career.

Comment 04 Nov 2020

Need to move him to the LTIR so someone else can be brought in to fill the hole.

Comment 28 Oct 2020

But Matiss' future, most likely, is as a back up. Whereas everything I've read has VV as a starter. And while VV's numbers tanked as guys were called up, it's not just numbers. It's positioning, reading the ice and play, anticipating and more. Like a lot of teenage goalies, VV was able to "cover" his lack of skill with sheer athletic ability. But, once you reach, at least, AHL level - and, often lower levels, depending upon the league - everyone is very athletic and any player must develop skill - i.e. develop - or he doesn't get to the next level. That is VV's challenge, this year.

Comment 28 Oct 2020

Well, we'll see. Again, I think a lot is going to depend on VV's season in Cleveland, this year. If he doesn't show real development, his slot will be shaky. Whereas, all Thome has to do is continue developing, since he has the least experience of any goalie in the system.

Comment 27 Oct 2020

I'm starting to think any further moves, this off-season, will be little ones. Per se, a team needing to get under the cap sending a middle-, bottom- 6 type for a draft pick &/or middling prospect. I should caution everyone that I firmly believe that the Jackets already have the scoring they need in players like Tex, Bemmer and so on, they just need to develop. So, seen from that perspective, signing aging forwards like Koivu to plug a roster spot, toss in a little bit of scoring and give the kids so time to develop makes sense.

Comment 26 Oct 2020

I agree, overall. To me, VV is more likely to be trade bait. Especially if Thome shows he can handle the starting job in Cleveland. While I don't think it's likely, I do see a couple scenarios where both Korpi and Elvis are traded for scoring with Thome and Kivvy taking over. Yes, not very likely, but within the realm of possibility. The way I see it, the Jackets have 4 goalies who have the talent to play in the NHL if they develop well in the system.