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Comment 11 Sep 2020

I don’t disagree with this logic - I mean we certainly need some bodies to help put the biscuit in the basket. Just not sure a long term contract (4-6 years at $6 - $7M clams per) would be smart long term. I think the cap is going to become a huge issue for many teams in the next couple seasons. 

Comment 24 Aug 2020

Like them both - just think Elvis has a higher ceiling. Then again the goalie position in hockey is arguably the hardest position in any sport to gauge with regards to long term success. And making the wrong decision can hurt you for a LONG time. The flyers are STILL looking for Bob’s replacement (although Carter does appear to be that guy). We must choose wisely. 

Comment 24 Aug 2020

I commend the author for writing this piece. Well thought out and quite factual. 

CBJ overachieved this year - no doubt about it. The shutdown certainly helped us - maybe more then anyone else in the league - cause we were able to get healthy. And subsequently, we made it to the playoffs. 

All that aside, this team still has some pretty significant holes - certainly on the offensive side of things. If management sits idly by without making any moves, next year could be a really long year - especially in the east. If we go into the season with this roster - does anyone see us higher then a 6 seed? And that’s if everything goes right for us (Unlike this year where the injury bug was simply brutal)!

I’ll hate to see people get traded because they’ve put they’re heart and soul in this team and CBUS - but this is a business and it’s time to go shopping. 

Comment 22 Aug 2020

Too soon to write this article IMO. While I think each is talented, not sure that these four will develop enough to get us to where we need to be offensively.  That said, based on managements comments about wanting to build from within each of these guys MUST develop - or the next few years could not be super fun to watch from an offensive perspective. 

Comment 16 Aug 2020

Agree with Q. We need to put on our selling shoes in a big way and sell FA’s that CBUS is a great hockey town regardless of what some people say or think. 

As for bad contracts, yes I think we have a few - but so do most teams. The flip side of that argument is we have a bunch of guys who want to be in cbus and have bought in to the environment. And that also goes a long way. 

Comment 13 May 2020

I wish he would have taken the Ohio flag off the sweater all together.  Its just such a boring logo. YAWN.