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Comment 12 Jan 2019

If the team that played the first couple periods in the Preds games shows up, I like our chances. 

I’d also like to see somebody from our defense - anybody - throw a check. Just one - just give it a shot. If you check somebody, who knows, you may find out you like it and wanna do it some more. Cause after all, that’s one of the important aspects of playing hockey at the NHL level. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Bob doesn’t help himself sometimes with his body language but neither would any of us if we had that defense playing in front of us. I’m still stunned one of them was chosen to be an all star.  

If this is the beginning of the end for Bob’s time here - and it feels that way - we should certainly thank him cause without him, there is absolutely no way we make the playoffs the last two years!!!!!

Comment 29 Dec 2018

Thrilled with the 5 game win streak and glad we grabbed the points we did - especially in division and on the road no less. 

That said, we need to start beating the “elite” teams in the east if we’re gonna take that next step. 

Comment 22 Dec 2018

Glad I went to the game. Bob won that game for us. His play and the play of the top line were simply unreal. They were head and shoulders above everyone else on the ice. And it’s always fun to send the flyers outta the building with a L!!!!

That said, here are my observations:

1) Dubi has probably his worst game as a Jacket. Just awful. 

2) How can we give up odd man rushes on a power play???? More then once????? And our PP is still horrendous!

3) Lots of passes to nobody. Didn’t bite us today but will if we keep that up. 

4) Zach and Riley just look lost. Yes Zach scored but the rest of his game looks off. And Riley - he’s just skating in circles out there. Let’s hope they get things going soon. 

All in all a wins a win. And thanks to Bob for the early Xmas present!