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I grew up in Detroit in the Gordie Howe era. The Red Wings remain my "second team". My mother was Canadian and had me up on skates when I was 4. She followed 4 brothers around rinks in western Canada, supporting them in her youth and was the one that taught me how to get accuracy on my wrist shot in the upper half of the net. Before the Blue Jackets arrived, I was a season ticket holder for Buckeye hockey.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1980 Olympic Gold Medal
  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Mr. Hockey
  • NHL TEAM: CBJ, Red WIngs
  • NFL TEAM: None
  • NBA TEAM: None
  • MLB TEAM: Detroit Tigers & San Francisco Giants
  • SOCCER TEAM: Queens Park Rangers & Crew

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Comment 13 hours ago

This is a bit of a disappointment. No offense to our current 3rd pairing who did yeoman's work last series (and I understand the logic in sticking with the same lineup that swept the #1 seed) but I was hoping that one of the best benefits of the last nine days is that it increased the odds of getting key defensemen back.

Even without watching the tired skaters wobble around during the Caps Canes overtime last night (or the SJS - LVGK OT the night before) playing on the road (i.e. last line change goes to the Bruins) in the playoffs, against a team that can roll four lines, with a defensive pairing the coach doesn't trust to play more than 8 to 9 min a game strikes me as a disaster waiting to happen.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

He didn't have a lot of goals this year; that is for sure. But looking back at these videos reminds me that he sure did pick a good time for timely goals that really helped his team.

When a coach can put three gritty, responsible, smart guys like Jenner, Nash & Dubinsky on the ice as a so-call "checking" or "4th" line, as a fan I feel pretty good about our depth and our chances.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Good. It sounds like there is a lot of material out there for a good coach like Torts to take advantage of. I hope the Bruins are reading the same reports. Over the last eight days, the national media have been pretty uniform in reporting that the Lightning screwed up and lost the first round, not that the CBJ rose up, played well and blew them out.

The Bruins are going to be a very tough out, but these are not the Blue Jackets of old. Torts says respect is hard to earn in the NHL. Win this round against an original six team and our boys will have just about checked that box.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Yeah, no worries; the Toronto media was saying the exact same thing about the CBJ and they are playing golf now (but only if the snow has melted in the Great White North.) 

Hopefully the Bruins listened to that [email protected] and are taking our team lightly and already looking forward to the next round. Torts said that respect is hard to earn in the NHL and he is right. Given our checkered twenty year record and the fact we didn't secure a playoff spot until the next to last day of the season the CBJ are an easy team to overlook for folks that haven't been paying attention. We all saw how well that worked for the Lightning. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

1. I don't think it's the AMOUNT of money, it's the term. Through the press and rumor mill (I know, not the most reliable source) Bob wants to draw an NHL paycheck until he is 39 or 40. There is no small market team that can afford to do that. If he holds to that goal, I don't think we can do anything but wish him luck and move on.

2. The only thing I would ask my fellow CBJ fans to keep in mind about paying what it will take to keep all the four UFAs currently on the roster is that Werenski has earned a $4M raise over his entry level contract and  management will have to "hold back" a little so we can pay up to reward both Anderson and PLD at the end of the next season. I'm sure everyone that comes to this appreciates the importance of all three "core" players to the future of our franchise. 

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Great story and thanks for sharing. And don't worry, there is plenty of room on this bandwagon for folks from all corners of the state; people that are old fans and new and even those that don't really know the difference between a clothesline and the blue line.

The good news about knocking off the #1 seed so decisively is that Columbus is now becoming a national sports story. Goodness, even Mike and Wingo were talking about our team on their national sports talk show(which is not normally a good source for hockey news/commentary). If the boys can keep it going and beat an original six team from a big media market (Toronto or Boston) in the next round it will really boost our profile and next year there would be way more CBJ games on national media.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

While we celebrate this week (and hopefully watch the Bruins and Maple Leafs beat the snot out of each other) we should also remember what Torts said: "This is only one round." It is great to get that title off our back (the only franchise to never win a playoff round) but part of the growth of this franchise is to begin to expect to not only to make the playoffs every year, but to expect to play into and even through the month of May.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

There were a lot of great memories made for Columbus hockey fans this past week. My favorite however were in games three and four. Tampa pulled within a goal and ramped up the pressure for nearly a full period. Yet, the home team kept its confidence, didn't lose its cool, did not panic and stayed within the game plan. That reflects good preparation, leadership (players and coaches) and a genuine belief that they could get the job done