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I grew up in Detroit in the Gordie Howe era. The Red Wings remain my "second team". My mother was Canadian and had me up on skates when I was 4. She followed 4 brothers around rinks in western Canada, supporting them in her youth and was the one that taught me how to get accuracy on my wrist shot in the upper half of the net. Before the Blue Jackets arrived, I was a season ticket holder for Buckeye hockey.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1980 Olympic Gold Medal
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  • NHL TEAM: CBJ, Red WIngs
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Comment 27 Jun 2020

One of the other advantages the CBJ will bring to the first series will be the fact that Ryan Murray will be on the third defensive pair. That is just incredible: I realize he has had a difficult career with his injuries, but when he is in the lineup, the CBJ have four D-men that could play on the first pair for most NHL teams.

I am excited to see how the Toronto's rookie coach will work so hard to get his best offense on the ice against a third pair that includes quality players like Murray, Kukan, Nuti (and even Harry). 

Comment 27 Jun 2020

I have noted before on this site that I would love to see the Jones - Werenski unit split so that each would be paired with a more traditional defense - first defenseman. Knowing that Gavy or Savvy had their back would give the offensively gifted D-men just a little more freedom to jump up into the offensive zone for a team that has a problem scoring enough goals. 

I also find it appealing that one of the two would be on the ice for at least 45 minutes of a 60 minute game. (Then again, keep in mind Torts has won a Stanley Cup and brought this franchise back from its woeful beginnings. I have done neither, so you should take my comments for what they are worth :-)

Comment 27 Jun 2020

I know OWSH! It is an interesting conundrum isn’t it. I think this is exactly what the NHL was hoping for (or rigged) and it would be nice to see the #1 pick playing in a CBJ sweater. Given what the luck of the lottery landing a generational talent could do for our franchise, it is tempting to root for a shot at a #1 pick. (I’m looking at you Pittsburgh Penguin fans.)

Given the jacket’s status as outsider and step child among most hockey media and Canadian fans however I believe that beating the team from the center of the hockey universe is more important to this franchise. As Torts has said since day one, we still need to earn respect in this league. Beating the President’s Trophy winner so decisively last year was only the first step, and no doubt those purists that believe Saskatoon or Quebec City should get an NHL franchise before we do look at last year’s win as a fluke. Eliminating the Maple Leafs from the playoffs with all of Canada watching will erase all doubt: the CBJ are a serious hockey franchise. That status as contender will give us more credibility with future free agents.

Besides, we have no luck in the lottery and I don’t believe the NHL would allow the #1 pick to come to a small market anyway.

Comment 27 Jun 2020

This process is a great irony. I’m not going to waste any emotion on Detroit (or Ottawa) hockey fans, but given the CBJ luck in the draft lottery, I do understand their pain this morning.

And I admit I am a conspiracy theorist, but if the CBJ don’t eliminate Toronto I don’t believe there is any way the NHL will allow our franchise to win the lottery to bring the #1 overall pick to Columbus.

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Well, Las Vegas makes a lot of sense out west. I also totally understand for cultural, economic and marketing reasons the NHL would prefer to have at least one of the hub cities in Canada [assuming the border issue can be resolved]. "You don't have enough hotel space" doesn't ring true to me however as a credible reason to eliminate Columbus as a host city. It may just be a polite Canadian way of saying "we are uncomfortable putting our players in the middle of a community where there is so much political unrest." 

Comment 17 Jun 2020

PK is hard work and takes a lot of energy so it takes a shift or two to recover at the conclusion of the PK. This team is so thin on goal scoring talent that I wouldn't want to have Cam play on the PK, missing out on any shifts at even strength, although everything you mentioned regarding his quickness is true.

Foudy is likely an important long term answer to strengthening the PK, but I just wouldn't give a rookie that role in a playoff, especially a short play-in series, which is only going to magnify any mistakes.

Instead, I would substitute Captain Foligno and Boone Jenner. Both have done a very solid job on the PK over the years and I recall they both did really well in last year's SC playoffs.

Comment 31 May 2020

Based on his last two years in the KHL, I will say more than 30 points.

Comment 24 May 2020

PS: this article also makes me a little less upset about some of the CBJ draft picks in the bottom half of the first round that really haven't panned out as well as we in fandom hoped they would. 

Comment 23 May 2020

This is really and interesting article. Thanks Dan. This perspective helps explain some of GM Jarmo's moves over the last few years.

One of the counter intuitive observations from the SPAR graph is that the least valuable picks are the players taken with the last five picks of the first round and first five picks of the second round (based on the long term success of the players from various draft slots).

Comment 23 May 2020

This would be a very good match up for the boys in the union blue. Toronto has a TON of firepower and the home ice advantage so the CBJ would be the clear underdog. In the playoffs however a good defense and good goaltending very frequently prevail, the Blue Jackets will be near full strength for the first time all year and the "Torts advantage" is real. It would also be a natural inclination for the Maple Leafs to look past the Blue Jackets when their long time nemisis (the big bad Bruins} would be next up.

Best of all, the rewards for beating the team at the center of the hockey universe would probably be one of the best things that ever happend to this franchise. Sending the Maple Leafs to the golf course after this crazy season would finally earn this team the crediblity it ideserves.

Comment 11 May 2020

His worst break is that he had to work with Doug "Dumpster Fire" MacLean. No one could have won under those circumstances. 

Comment 03 May 2020

You might be surprise how creative GMs can get when backed up against a wall. I don't think Point is going anywhere. Besides, FL professional sports teams get the "no income taxes." discount.

Comment 27 Apr 2020

I think the RW view Mantha as a key part of their rebuild, so I don’t think they are trading him, BUT..

If the Wings were interested, the one part you left out in the discussion above is their defense is an absolute mess. Yes, they need a goalie, but they could also use an affordable piece on defense as well and we can trade them that player from a position of organizational depth.

 I’ve established on another thread why I wouldn’t trade Jones/Werenski/Gavrikov and for this deal I would also add Peeke to the list of “off limits” considering that I already suggest trading a #1 goalie as a part of this deal. From the rest of the D I would say “choose one.” Beyond that core four I name above, I don’t care if they were to pick Murray, Nuti, Harry, Kukan or even Savard. They each have their strengths and on the Wings, they would immediately slot in a top four role and be an upgrade from what the Wings are playing right now.

Comment 26 Apr 2020

This is a great summary and there is no doubt that defense is the true strength of this team. The list in this article includes eleven NHL quality defensemen. Assuming we will lose one in the expansion draft, that leaves ten. If we carry seven on the NHL roster and keep one in Cleveland as an emergency call up when Murray gets injured, that leaves two (preferably not named Jones, Werenski or Gavrikov) that I trust Jarmo can combine with a goalie to trade for a scoring forward, preferably a C or LW.

Comment 24 Apr 2020

You're not wrong, but as explained in this thread, the difference between the two deals is not a statement on the importance of each goaltender, but more a product of the collective bargaining agreement and how Elvis' situation provided just a tad more leverage.

Comment 24 Apr 2020

Agreed; this is a good approach; fair to all, although I don't know I would bother with the "waive the white flag" option.

The main downside to your plan is the "play in" teams have an even longer slog to lift the most difficult trophy to win in sports. Considering how short the off season could be, it impact both quality of play and the likilhood of injuries next season.