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  • HOCKEY PLAYER: Martin Brodeur
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Bluejackets
  • NFL TEAM: Buffalo Bills
  • NBA TEAM: ughhh!
  • MLB TEAM: Yawn!.... Nap time
  • SOCCER TEAM: Juventus F.C.

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Comment 07 Apr 2020

I know those were the original unis but some things are better left in the box :-) They remind of those 90's striped NFL gear. I am not against all of the jerseys either. The Pens and Canadians were the worse IMO. 

Comment 02 Apr 2020

This is a pretty solid list of bad jerseys... I forgot about those Habs jerseys... OMG, I almost died laughing. 


Comment 02 Apr 2020

See... I love the off white -  personally I think would look terrible with red... These jerseys are quite popular and have made some top lists:


I will say there are some confusing choices from this list though (like the Penguins Powder Blue - Awwwwful). But I am glad they paid tribute to the Winnipeg Jets from the 90's which remains one of my favorite jerseys. 

Comment 02 Apr 2020

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well - including you owsh :-D Anyhow, Im with you on this - I didnt mind those NYI jerseys either... Having said that, the #2 on this list were awful and the company that designed those should be shamed. My favorite jerseys that we have are the current alternates. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

And I would add on to what Matt said that China is using (cough, cough) somewhat more drastic measures than we are in the US. But again to what I said earlier... Every other historic pandemic that cant be cured and spreads fast is curved by isolation... You bring Ebola up which is funny... Cause this is exactly how they stop the spread of Ebola... By isolating people. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

I disagree... The difference between sports and schools is they need to give teachers the time to communicate with the kids and take home assignments, homework etc... Give kids time to gather and take home what they need. vs. sports does not need that time. Businesses as well need this time to put tickets in for VPN's for work at home. I dont think you are thinking this through rationally at all. There is logistics to sports but that can be done after the call is made (money back for tickets, dealing with players not working....). 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

Dude.... its happened, happening and will happen. My company is sending us all home by end of next week... its a major insurance company. 




Comment 12 Mar 2020

Okkkkkkkkk... So I cant even begin to respond to the above comment. But... Lets talk hockey since this is a hockey board. This could actually help the CBJ seeing as we have a lot of injuries right now and could actually come back stronger. Just a thought. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

Thanks for the article Q. While I dislike not being able to see some of these sporting events and things like that I think that we all need to realize whether you are in the risk group or not you can still spread the disease and at the end of the day a sporting event is just that. I think we can all agree that we dont want to be in the position of having this many cases in any city here in the US. Additionally with any fast spreading virus in the past, social distancing has been a key factor in killing it, plain and simple. 

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Pretty sure it was more than just a rumor. CBJ according to Portzline approached his agent to gauge his actual interest about leaving Toronto. 

Portzline Tweet (1:40 PM - Jul 12, 2019) "Many teams have spoken w Marner’s agent about a possible offer sheet, and, yes, CBJ are among them. But I see no indication Marner wants to leave TML. Also, #CBJ convinced Leafs would/could match any offer sheet, perhaps by trading Nylander."

Comment 10 Mar 2020

:-P Totally forgot about Z.... Don't know that I would put him above Marner but he was a great pick none-the-less. I gotta say, I am about sick of picking Swedes that dont pan out... so I hope Bemstrom proves them all wrong.

Comment 10 Mar 2020

The thing is, as I showed above, as analytics are stating.... it is sooo hard to be accurate on these picks. Pretty sure we were criticized for our pick on PLD if memory serves me correctly. 


Comment 10 Mar 2020

Im with you... I like Jarmo...But even Jarmo aside from PLD (crossing fingers on Foudy) has had some rough ones (Wenny, Rychel, Dano, Milano, Carlson). 

Comment 10 Mar 2020

Eh, four 1st rounders isnt necessarily a hard pass for 2 reason:

1. When you look at the jackets draft history in the 1st round I would argue we have had 1 person with the talent of a Marner from the - Rick Nash

2. Having said that 4 first round picks for a guaranteed game changer like Marner with no cooking time, 22 years old (60+ points every year and 90 points last year) 

I will take that every time.