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Got started on the #CBJ by my best friend in college circa 2013-2014 Stanley Cup playoffs. Been hooked since.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Haha...Dubinsky scoring on Fleury with 20 seconds left.
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Comment 05 Oct 2018

I was very impressed by Duclair last night. The speed was obvious, but just watching his hands, the guy handled himself well in traffic.

Plain and simple, Gabriel Carlsson was not very good last night. He was late getting back on the Red Wings' first goal and then took a penalty leading to their second goal.

I'm not going to deny that Carlsson had a bad game, but he was hooked which allowed Cholowski (I believe) in behind him for the wide open shot. And that interference call that led to Detroit's second goal was BS. Kukan, however, impressed me immediately. Hopefully 53 can bounce back a bit tonight.

Comment 27 Sep 2018

Absolutely in total agreement with you. The rest of the hockey world seems to like to pretend that we’re not even here (seriously though, the host of a TSN sports radio show opened up a conversation about the CBJ by saying, “We’re gonna talk about Columbus for the first time in 4 and a half years on this show”). But this will be the third straight year that we’re gonna be a top contender in the Metro. 

And an outdoor game would make for some pleasant media interest not related to Bob or Bread.

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Here’s another: Seth Jones will be sporting a “C” on his sweater next season.

Comment 24 Apr 2018

1. Totally agree. Power play is horrible, especially the second unit. I physically cringed every single time I saw Werenski come back to take the puck from Jones because I knew that meant PP2 was out.

2. I’m surprised this hasn’t been said more. Everyone is talking about how much better Bob was this year in the playoffs, but I look at the stat line and see that he allowed at least 3 goals in every game. Not a good thing when our power play sucks so much.

3. And for sure, Torts is on the hot seat. Not gonna say that he is overrated quite yet, but I’m getting there.

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Definitely hard to project. I threw Galchenyuk’s name out there because of the rumored interest from both sides on completing a deal. However, if it’s true that Montreal’s price starts with PLD, it’ll be a cold day in hell before JK gives up PLD. 

Comment 24 Apr 2018

1. Yes. 1st star. I like where your head is lol.

2. I agree, but for different reasons. I think that either Milano or Bjorkstrand will be traded this offseason to bring in a young top 6 guy. Alex Galchenyuk is a name to watch for this offseason.

3. Please be true lol. Hope Jack gets a good deal. Dubi’s NHL days as a player might be done. 

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Hmm. I’d say it’s possible. If Bob is wanting a deal similar to Carey Price, then I’d even say that he’s gone. With Panarin, I was always interested to see how it plays out. With Saad, we got him extended pretty quickly, but I feel that Panarin wants to be on a team that can win now. Don’t know if we’ve proven that to him or not. Next year should be interesting.

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Do you say that because it will be their choice, or do you think JK will play the wait game?

Comment 24 Apr 2018

I’ll start: after blowing a 2-0 series lead, Torts will start next season on the hot seat.