The Chase: The Blue Jackets Get Blown Out at Home and Are Right Back in a Fight for a Playoff Berth

By 1OB Staff on April 3, 2019 at 6:30 am
The Bruins get one of six goals against Columbus Tuesday night.
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The Chase is your morning report on where the Blue Jackets stand in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs race. What happened, what's next, and who to cheer for.

Good morning and welcome to The Chase, where we are grumpy as hell today on the heels of the Blue Jackets getting blown out in their final regular season home game. The Bruins got a fluke early goal and piled on from there on the way to a 6-2 win at Nationwide Arena.

Compounding matters, the Hurricanes won big in Toronto, and the Canadiens topped the Lightning in Montreal, bumping the Jackets into the second wild card spot with the Habs right on their heels. Everything that could have gone wrong for the CBJ did, all in one night.

Here's where we stand on Wednesday, April 3.

  GP GR W L OT PTS ROW STRK L10 Make Playoffs [#]
(x) WASHINGTON CAPITALS 80 2 47 25 8 102 43 L1 6–3–1 100% (NC)
(x) NY ISLANDERS 80 2 46 27 7 99 42 L1 5–5–0 100% (NC)
PITTSBURGH PENGUINS 80 2 43 26 11 97 41 L1 5–3–2 98.74% (-1.00)
(p) TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 80 2 60 16 4 124 54 L1 7–3–0 100% (NC)
(x) BOSTON BRUINS 80 2 48 23 9 105 46 W1 6–4–0 100% (NC)
(x) TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS 80 2 46 27 7 99 46 L1 4–4–2 100% (NC)
CAROLINA HURRICANES 80 2 44 29 7 95 42 W1 6–4–0 87.44% (+9.43)
COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS 80 2 45 31 4 94 44 L1 6–3–1 69.18% (-23.19)
MONTREAL CANADIENS 80 2 43 29 8 94 41 W2 6–3–1 44.64% (+14.75)

p - Clinched President's Trophy; x - Clinched Playoff Spot

The Jackets entered Tuesday night's game with the Bruins with a chance to clinch a playoff spot. Instead, they fell back into the second wild card spot with Carolina's win in Toronto. And we all know what that spot means: a first round date with the Death Star that is the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Meanwhile, the Bruins secured home ice in the first round against the Maple Leafs with their Tuesday night win in Columbus.

The Blue Jackets are in a tie with the Montreal Canadiens, but own the tie-breaker, thanks to a hefty ROW advantage. Important: Their ROW advantage only comes into play if there's a tie. If the Canadiens win out, and the Blue Jackets drop one of their two remaining games (@ NYR, @ OTT), ROW doesn't matter. The Jackets are this close to missing the playoffs.

In other clinching news from Tuesday night, the Ottawa Senators secured the worst record in the league with the Kings' 3-1 win over Arizona.

Tonight's Game(s) of Interest

The NHL features just three games tonight, and none of them have an impact on the playoff race in the Eastern Conference. Thursday night, on the other hand, sees the Islanders at Florida, the Pens hosting Detroit, and Montreal at Washington, Carolina hosting the Devils. It's a big night ahead of the Blue Jackets game in New York Friday night.

Blue Jackets Playoff Odds

Make It In 2nd Rnd Conf. Finals SC Finals Win SC Win Metro 2nd Metro 3rd Metro WC1 WC2

Odds courtesy of

As you'd imagine, the Blue Jackets' playoff odds took a hit across the board, according to Money Puck's model. Columbus has two games remaining to make a move.

Today's stress ball: Nathan MacKinnon gets his 40th of the year on a beaut.