1st Ohio Battery Commenting Policy

As a community, we welcome all thoughts, whether they be supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise. We do, however, have a short list of rules that you will agree to whenever you post a comment on 1st Ohio Battery.

Avoid Politics, Religion & Hot-Button Social Issues

Sorry, we just don't want any of that stuff around here and discussing one of those topics is the quickest way to earn the banhammer.

Nobody cares about your hot takes on these issues and there are plenty of other places on the internet for you to talk about politics, religion, gun control, immigration, abortion, etc.

Don't Be a Jerk

Characteristics of comments left by jerks:

  • Abusive or hateful comments related to race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.
  • Ad-hominem attacks on another site member
  • Extremely profane material or disgusting images
  • "If you knew anything about hockey..." or "It's obvious you never played the game..."
  • "FIRST!"

Respect Sources

Do not copy and paste entire articles from other sources. Limit your copypasta to a couple of paragraphs, if possible, and include a link to the source. Earn the love of the commentariat by using the "Quote" button.

Do not copy and paste premium content into comments. This is another quick way to earn the banhammer. What is premium content? It's something you must pay for or otherwise have a subscription to view.

Stay on Topic

All viewpoints are welcome, but comments should remain on the topic set by the original story, user blog post, or forum topic. If you can't contain yourself, a new forum topic is only a click away.

Disregard Trolling, Acquire Currency

We enjoy friendly banter with fans of other franchises. Even Pens fans. Feel free to back your team with all of the pride you're accustomed to, but know your audience. Anything that even slightly resembles a trolling attempt will lead to a quick ban and the original comment being changed to "HURR DURR", "I LIKE PONIES" or any of a number of things.

Likewise, you're encouraged to avoid feeding the trolls. If the comment is that incendiary, it will be dealt with soon, so you can save your breath.

Keep Perspective & Have Fun

Things will get heated, especially after losses or stories of rigged camp raffles surface. Whenever you feel yourself overheating, take a couple of deep breaths and step away from the keyboard. This is only the internet.

Why We may Close Comments

Every now and then, we'll close comments on an article. We don't love to do that, but we will if it's necessary. For instance, if George Bush and Barack Obama show up for a Blue Jackets morning skate (and score mad goals), we kind of have to report on that, but we're in no way going to facilitate the commenting shitshow that would come out of that event (however hypothetical).

Wait, what about PLUS-MINUS Rating?

Glad you asked. Points are awarded (or subtracted) from your account via up and down voting on comments. If you have a great comment, expect to earn points. If you say something dumb, expect to lose points. In this manner, you'll accumulate a plus-minus rating on the site.

Need more on Plus-Minus Rating? Check this out.