The Complete Guide to Plus-Minus Rating on 1st Ohio Battery

Your plus-minus rating reflects your credibility, if you will, as a member of 1st Ohio Battery.

You earn points by being an active and valuable member of the community. You can lose points for running afoul of our commenting policy

Each member receives one (1) point for posting a comment, and two (2) points for posting a forum topic.

Action RATING Needed

Here's the kicker: You can either gain or lose additional points when other members on your comments and forum posts. This means the community – the commentariat – will think before posting, and that's a win for everyone.

If you want to comment, you can't fall below -50 on your plus-minus rating. You need at least a +100 plus-minus rating to create a forum topic.

Oh, and you must attain +50 plus-minus rating to vote on comments left by other members.

If a particularly dumb comment reaches -5 votes, it will become dimmed so it's hard to read. Once it reaches -10, it's locked. We don't want that to happen often, but we realize that sometimes the trolls come out from below the bridge. Don't be that troll.

And likewise, don't abuse your voting privileges. Vote on the merit of the comment or forum post alone, please.

And finally, don't cry about downvotes. Despite our best efforts to manage the system, they happen. In aggregate, though, the voting works.