Columbus Blue Jackets Analysis

Columbus Blue Jackets Analysis

Columbus Blue Jackets analysis – from roster moves to scheme – and everything in between.

Draft Week Begins

The words “NHL Draft” can bring mixed emotions for the Blue Jackets faithful, but management in recent years has given fans new confidence heading into offseason moments like...
18 Jun 2018
by Chris Pennington

A Way Forward?

News of Artemi Panarin's decision to (for now) forego an extension with the Blue Jackets has ignited the hockey world. Can the Blue Jackets salvage the situation?
20 Jun 2018
by 1OB Staff

Mock Draft

Our friend CBJProspects drops by to offer his mock draft for the Blue Jackets' selections in the upcoming NHL Draft in Dallas.
19 Jun 2018
by 1OB Staff

Bob's Future

The Blue Jackets can sign Sergei Bobrovsky to a contract extension as early as July 1, but if history tells us anything, it won't be an easy negotiation. What might the future hold...
15 Jun 2018
by Rob Mixer

A Potential Steal

Could Cam Hillis be on the same path as Oliver Bjorkstrand? We're taking an in-depth look at a potential draft option for the Blue Jackets, who may be following a familiar road.
11 Jun 2018
by Paul Berthelot