Watch Cam Atkinson's Top Five Goals from His 41-Goal Season

By Rob Mixer on June 7, 2019 at 1:20 pm

Cam Atkinson scored a few goals this year.

41 of them, in fact, in a career-best season that helped the Columbus Blue Jackets get into the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the third consecutive year. He scored goals seemingly every which way in 2018-19, including shorthanded, on penalty shots, power plays, and a now-more-frequently-used slap shot (particularly on the power play).

We've seen Atkinson take off on an upward trajectory since becoming a full-time NHLer, and now it's no secret that this guy can put the puck in the net. 

At this point, it's a fair expectation for Atkinson to be a 30-goal scorer every season. Granted, he had Artemi Panarin on his line for much of the past two seasons, but he had no issue scoring goals before the Bread Man arrived in Columbus. 

In the video above, the NHL breaks down Atkinson's top five goals of the season – are they missing any, or did they get them all right? No. 1 is pretty tough to argue.