Blue Jackets Players Obliterate Alexander Wennberg During 'Hashtag This' Segment

By Sam Blazer on March 6, 2020 at 11:03 am
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It is a stressful time to be a Columbus Blue Jackets fan.

The team is in the thick of the race and they have a lot of obstacles ahead of them. To make matters even worse, the team is also missing a lot of key players due to injury. 

To alleviate some of that stress for you, reader, feast your eyes on Blue Jacket players roasting Alexander Wennberg for doing his best Zoolander impression. Most of them make fun of him for his lack of grilling skills. Some also harp on his constant need to look model ready.

The best part of it is that some just don't understand the concept of hashtags and proceed to give you a paragraph's worth of words after a hashtag. C'mon guys, that wouldn't be easily searchable! That gives your hashtag no value! I would like to see some better execution for the next edition.

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