Minnesota Wild Coach Bruce Boudreau is Pissed Off About Seth Jones Playing Tonight

By 1OB Staff on January 30, 2018 at 12:16 pm
Minnesota Wild head coach Bruce Boudreau
Brad Rempel - USA TODAY Sports

Let's all say a prayer for Bruce Boudreau.

With his team in the middle of an air-tight playoff race in the Central Division and the Western Conference (which they're currently on the outside of), he's quite upset that the NHL has permitted Seth Jones to play in tonight's game for the Blue Jackets.

Of course, there's a rule that requires players who miss the All-Star Game due to a minor injury or illness (or a personal decision) to miss one subsequent game. That's what Boudreau is alluding to here, however, The Athletic's Mike Russo reports that it was the NHL making the call to clear Jones for tonight.

Full marks to Boudreau here. This is an impressive level of whining about a player on the opposing team, a non-conference opponent, who had an illness that the league didn't want spreading during its All-Star weekend.

"He played the previous game," Boudreau said. "He should be missing this game."

You have to respect Boudreau's stance here, because as we know, the Blue Jackets get all the breaks.

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