Quotebook: Blue Jackets Destroy Devils, 6-1

By Andy Anders on February 10, 2018 at 11:13 pm
Brandon Dubinsky

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Finally snapping a five-game losing streak, the Columbus Blue Jackets burned up the New Jersey Devils 6-1. 

Here's the reaction post game from John Tortorella and company. 

John Tortorella

On running away with the game from the start: "We haven't had that for quite awhile."

On gaining confidence from a high-scoring night: "We just gotta try to play, try to find our game every day, and try to be the best you can be. That's all you can control."

On firing shots without hesitation: "I think we've had that mentality for quite awhile here, as far as getting pucks on net. That's one thing we have not struggled at, is getting shots on goal. It's finishing, just simplifying."

On using different guys during the power play while up 5-0: "I told [Brad Larsen] 'be ready for me to use [Boone Jenner] in a situation, and I bounced [Jenner] around the lines, played fourth line the other night, I want to see if I can get him some power play time along the way here to try to help him out offensively.

"I'm not looking to run up the score or anything like that. I've had a couple of coaches do it to me this year that I'll never forget, and someday I'll get back at 'em."

On the defensive performance: "We were okay. That's a really fast team, and I still think we have a little work to do. They throw a backdoor play to [Devils defenseman Damon] Severson there, the one that hits the post I think it was the second period, it goes through three of our sticks. I think our sticks on the ice and knocking pucks down in the defensive zone and taking away passing lanes is something we need to improve at."     

Nick Foligno

On getting back on track for the season: "We knew we were playing better, didn't get the results, but tonight we found a way to not get flustered after a disallowed goal that should have been, and find a way to put some in the net."

On the team's positive attitude: "You could tell, the guys were in the room loose, and when you know you've played the right way and didn't get the result you can live with it a little bit more. I mean it stings but you know that it's coming and you play the right way, more often than not, you're gonna have the result. So tonight we got that."

On getting momentum from a large win moving forward: "When's the last time we scored six in a game? I mean it's been awhile. To see the offense come to life and the way we played, just hopefully build confidence."

On the fathers in attendance at the game: "Who doesn't love scoring in front of their dads? It's a lot better than the car ride home when they're yellin' at ya."