"We Need To Be A Team That Goes Far In The Playoffs," Says A Motivated Blue Jackets Captain Nick Foligno

By Rob Mixer on August 30, 2018 at 1:20 pm

Make no mistake: the Blue Jackets have to emerge from this pattern of early playoff exits.

The smart betting is that they eventually will. They've got promising young talent and established elite talent at the important positions, and their window is wide open. 

To that end, captain Nick Foligno's leadership has unquestionably evolved under head coach John Tortorella, and in many ways, the two are starting to speak the same language. In an interview segment released by the Blue Jackets (S/T to the talented Tanner Smith, who produced a terrific package recapping Foligno's summer and his charity game in Sudbury, Ontario).

Here's some of what Foligno had to say about his team, where they've been, where they need to go and what to expect as the season gets going:

"We're a good team. We have to realize it's on us (to get to the next level). It's going to get harder – it always does – and that's why I'm going to push a little harder on my team this year. I'm motivated for this season. I'm clear-minded and ready to go, and I feel great.

"We need to understand that there's another step to take. It's two years in a row of making playoffs, and that's great, but that's not why we're playing the game. I don't want any satisfaction to creep in...it's gotta be 'we want more.' Let's not be happy with just a playoff appearance and a couple wins. We need to be a team that now goes far in the playoffs. I'm telling the guys: get your minds right now, because it's a whole 82-game process to get there again."

If you showed me that quote and asked if it was from Foligno or Tortorella, I'd have a hard time choosing one or the other. But that's a good thing; the expectations have slowly risen over the last few years in Columbus and they're about to reach another level. 

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