Sergei Bobrovsky Says the Blue Jackets Know His Plans For Both This Season And The Future

By Rob Mixer on September 14, 2018 at 9:15 am
Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky answers questions on the eve of training camp at Nationwide Arena.
Columbus Blue Jackets
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This is...something.

While it's not unusual to see Sergei Bobrovsky in front of the cameras talking, it's quite unusual to hear him speak the way he did Thursday at Nationwide Arena. It was the exact opposite of how you'd expect a normally affable, soft-spoken player to address a situation that's typically handled with ease.

This is hockey we're talking about: a team-first, don't-bring-too-much-attention-to-yourself sport that has always been loathe to talk about business. But Bobrovsky, who's entering the final year of a four-year contract paying $7.425 million annually, didn't throw any cold water on a hot-button topic.

There's been little to no momentum toward a new deal for Bobrovsky, who said he will not discuss or negotiate a contract during the season. 

"After the last season, I told (my) situation to the management of the Blue Jackets," Bobrovsky said. "They know my plans for the season, they know my plans for the future. So they know everything."

Ooooooook then.

What exactly does that mean, Sergei?

"They know exactly what we're going to do." 

And, what's that?

"You have to ask them."


Another odd exchange came later in the proceedings, when Bobrovsky was asked if how this season transpires – good or bad – would have an impact on the plans he's set before management.

"Not really."

If that doesn't sound like a guy with his mind made up (and almost defiantly so). I don't know what will. And now that he got an awkward, vague and generally counterproductive press conference out of the way, Bobrovsky basically wants to forget it ever happened. Or he just wants people to stop talking about his contract. Both seem like wishful thinking.

"I want to focus on the process, I want to help this team win. I'm a Blue Jacket for now," Bobrovsky said. "We have a young team and I don't want too much distraction in the locker room about my situation."

Got it. 

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