The Five: The Coolest Goals in Blue Jackets Franchise History

By Ed Francis on September 18, 2020 at 1:20 pm
Nationwide Arena is rockin'

Until the Blue Jackets capture their first Stanley Cup, at least a handful of the best moments will have to come via breathtaking goals.

Plenty to choose from there.

Let's relive the five coolest goals in Columbus Blue Jackets history!


April 19th, 2014

There was nothing spectacular about the quality of the goal, but this overtime game winner in Pittsburgh gave the Columbus Blue Jackets their first playoff win in franchise history. There are many levels of satisfaction, and this one brought pure adulation to Blue Jackets nation. Of course, the goal would come from Matt Calvert, one of the most gritty players to play for the franchise. I made snow angels on the floor of the bar I was at after this goal. (Note: There was no snow in the bar, but there was dust.) 


February 20th, 2020

The more I see this goal, the more the wow factor goes up. He's pulled the move off a few times before, but never on a breakaway with defenders breathing down his neck. This isn't the only time Foligno is on this list, but from a pure quality standpoint, it's certainly the most eye-popping. It quieted down the Flyers fans around me, so it really was epic in two ways. 


October 18th, 2018

He was far from the perfect player, but consider me someone who was really bummed to lose Anthony Duclair after less than a season with the team. He was exciting to watch with the puck and everything about this goal is perfect: the angle, the stick movement, the falling down, the getting up, the goal, the celly. Add this goal to your rainy day cheer-ups.


January 17th, 2008

Way too many people missed this goal as it happened. (I am not one of them.) This was when Columbus played in the western conference and rarely was gifted a reasonable road game start time. With this game in Phoenix, it was well after midnight when Rick Nash went coast-to-coast in the final seconds of a tie game to give the Jackets a win. Great move after great move after great move until the puck is in the back of the net. Inject this goal straight into my veins. 


April 23rd, 2014

Did you expect anything else? I still have the red and blue streamers that fell after this goal. I'd finally seen the Blue Jackets win a playoff game at Nationwide Arena, and in beautiful come-from-behind fashion, as this game was 3-0 Pittsburgh in the first. I don't know the look I had on my face when it was 3-0, but I know that I ended up hugging strangers two sections away in the moments after Foligno buried this puck that, let's be honest, Marc-Andre Fluery should have easily saved. 

Are you favorite goals on this list? What'd I miss? Is the order all wrong? Let me know in the comments!

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