Training Camp Notebook (Sept. 24): One-on-one with Carson Meyer, Second Day of Scrimmages, Plus News, Notes, and Observations

By Coby Maeir on September 24, 2022 at 3:59 pm
Carson Meyer
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Today was the first practice open to the fans, and the 5th line showed up big-time.

There wasn't an empty seat in the Ice Haus as fans were treated to two scrimmages on Saturday, the final day before the first preseason games on Sunday against the Penguins.


  • With Boone Jenner still not participating in scrimmages, Kent Johnson played center between Johnny Gaudreau and Patrik Laine, and that line was on the ice for three of the team's four goals. 
  • Carson Meyer has impressed so far in camp. He was effective in offensive drills on Friday and scored two goals in his one scrimmage game today. More on him later on in this notebook.
  • Zach Werenski was again paired with David Jiricek in scrimmages and in the practice that followed.

News & Notes

  • Like Friday, Jenner, Liam Foudy, Cole Sillinger, and Joonas Korpisalo did not scrimmage. However, Foudy did not practice today and Brendan Gaunce left scrimmages early. Sillinger did not practice either as he's still day-to-day with an upper-body injury.
  • Brad Larsen said Johnson has improved since Traverse City. "I think he looks way better," Larsen said. "Even from game-one at Traverse City to now."
  • Gaudreau also spoke highly of Johnson, his center today. "He's a skilled player," Gaudreau said. "Sees the ice really well. His hands are really good and I think he's gonna have a bright future in this league. For me personally, [I'm going to] try to help him as much as I can."

One-on-one with Blue Jackets forward Carson Meyer

I spoke to the Columbus area native and Ohio State hockey alum at practice Saturday.

You scored two goals in the scrimmage today and filled up the net yesterday in practice. Is there anything that feels different this year?

Meyer: "I think just probably more confidence this year. Having been through a training camp here before with this coaching staff, I kind of knew a little bit more [about] what to expect coming in. Last year was my first ever NHL training camp, so I was pretty nervous [and] didn't know what to expect. But, this year I was able to prepare a little better for it because I had an idea [o what was coming and then just [having] more confidence. I know everybody now. I've played on both Cleveland and Columbus so I'm a little bit more comfortable out there. [I feel] confident holding the puck longer [and] stuff like that. [I'm] excited [to] show what I worked on all summer."

You grew up around here, played at Ohio State, and now you're playing for the Blue Jackets. What does it mean for you as an Ohio kid to play for the local team?

Meyer: "I mean, it means everything. It's something that everybody I think dreams about growing up is not just making it to the NHL, but playing for the team that you grew up rooting for. I grew up going to the games with my parents and I've probably been to 100 Jackets games in my life growing up. So it's just way more special because I've been a fan for life. And then this is the team that believed in me out of all the NHL teams. They drafted me and signed me and gave me the opportunity so it means the world to me."

There was a line out the door for practice today. How have you seen the team grow throughout the years?

Meyer: "I mean, it's obviously grown a ton. The team's gotten a lot better. The fan base has gotten a lot bigger. Youth hockey has grown a ton. There's so many youth hockey players now and there's multiple teams they can go to, so it's awesome to see. And then I think there's just kind of a buzz around the team and the city right now with some big moves that we've made this offseason and I think everybody's just excited about where the team is at and where they're headed right now."

Growing up as a Jackets fan, when you heard the news of Gaudreau's signing was it more of an 'oh my gosh the Jackets signed Gaudreau,' an 'oh my gosh I'm gonna get to play with this guy,' or a little bit of both?

Meyer: "A little bit of both. I'm fully aware that there's a lot of really good players here and it's going to be really difficult to make this team. But, I'm just going to try my best, and obviously, if I get the chance to play in the lineup on the same team as him that would be pretty, pretty awesome for me."

Did Larsen give you a specific expectation for this camp or is it more of a message to the team?

Meyer: "He told us you [have] got to get noticed basically every shift and every drill. He's always been very straightforward with me, [telling me] exactly what he expects so I know exactly what I need to do when I go out there. It's just [you need to] have high energy, play aggressive, play physical, try and create stuff, and be good defensively. And the scrimmage is tough because I don't want to hit my teammates too hard, but I still want to impress and play the role I can. So I think preseason is a good opportunity to really show it."

Do you have any goals set for yourself this preseason or is it more of just doing your best?

Meyer: "Yeah, just do my best to just take it one day at a time. You can't look forward I think in training camp. I think you just got to be very present and just to kind of go as hard as I can [and] do my best every single day."

The Jackets play their first preseason games of the year on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET in Pittsburgh and at 7 p.m. ET in Columbus.