Jakub Voracek Addressed the Media Today Regarding His Health and the Future of His NHL Career

By Coby Maeir on December 5, 2022 at 12:19 pm
Jakub Voracek
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

An update from Jakub Voracek.

Voracek, who has been out indefinitely since suffering a concussion on Nov. 5 against Colorado in Finland, updated the media about his current health and the future of his NHL career.

"I feel okay," Voracek said, later adding, "I'm capable of living a normal life off the ice, which is important." 

He also addressed any rumors about his current health.

"It's not a great feeling to have a concussion," Voracek said. "But it's not as bad as it sounds on the internet over the last few days."

Voracek also said the possibility that he returns this season is "very slim."

However, he made it clear that he is not retiring or stepping away from the game. In fact, he would like to play again.

"If I'm gonna be medically cleared," Voracek said. "I'm gonna try. We'll see about that. And [as for] retirement, I can't retire, I'm still under contract and I would like to finish it off. If I'm going to be able to, I'll be happy about that. If I won't be, that's going to be up to doctors."

Voracek talked about how his future affects this process.

"I'm kind of worried what would happen if I get really hit like I did in the past," Voracek said. "I got hit a few times pretty badly and over my concussion past, and I'm kind of worried that if that would be the case eventually like what was going to happen to me if I will be able to even get up out of bed in the morning."

He also addressed his history of concussions, noting that he's had seven or eight documented ones. He added that he has no regrets about how he's handled the concussions he's suffered in his career.

"I don't regret anything to be honest," Voracek said, adding that, "I knew what I was doing and everything was up to me." 



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