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May 3, 2017 at 10:12am

Podcasts can be a great way to get informed, kill time at work, learn about current events, or hear someone else's point of view, just to name a few.

With that said, I thought I'd start a topic here on podcasts - for now, specifically related to the CBJ and NHL since opening it up to all topics would probably become a bit overwhelming (maybe we'll get there after sharing a few of our favorite hockey podcasts).

In no particular order


-CBJin30 - this is a (near) daily podcast hosted by Bob McElligott.  You get access to interviews with players and coaches as well as Bob's take on a lot of things.  I've found it's hard to find - not in the usual podcast places.  So I often miss it because I can't find a link or it won't pop up in my feed.

-Cannon Fodder - the Dispatch's podcast (they do quick recap videos after most home games on their site as well).  Usually occurs every week or two.  A more "professional" look at the CBJ by the beat writers.  It seems like every year they'll have a big name in hockey on - Barry Melrose, John Buccigross, Greg Wyshinski, Gary Bettman.

-Blue Line Reconstruction (BLR Pod) - new this year, a couple guys with a (near) weekly podcast on the CBJ.  They sprinkle in some advanced stats talk.  I don't know them, but they don't seem to have the "Woe is me" built in from 15+ years of CBJ losing, so I'm guessing they're fairly new fans with a more level-headed look at things.

-DKM Hockey Podcast - DKM and The Cannon together, though their recordings seemed to fall off this year.  Good general insight, good format, lots of jokes.  I'd highly recommend it, but like I said, I think they stopped recording this season.

-CBJ Artillery / 5th Line Podcast - Some of the guys who started the #5thLine movement.  They grab some high profile guests (Seth Jones, Brandon Saad, Boone Jenner, etc.) at a lot of the fan events.  Record pretty frequently and you can tell their fan passion is there when you listen.

-Union Blue Radio / Buckeye State Hockey Podcast - I think these two merged a while back (I really don't know, just guessing).  Some advanced stat talk as well.

I'm really sorry to anyone out there with a CBJ podcast not listed above - there's just so many and it's hard to keep track.  Please post in the comments if you have another CBJ podcast you think is good and deserves some recognition here!


-Hockey PDOCast - heavy tilt toward advanced stats with Dimitri Filipovic, from Sportsnet.

-Marek v. Wyshinski (M v. W) - some consider the best NHL podcast with Jeff Marek from Sportsnet in Greg Wyshinski from Yahoo Sports.

-Puck Soup - Wyhinski with Dave Lozo covering the NHL, pop culture, and some other non-sport events as well.

-ESPN's Hockey Today - just kidding, their NHL department is gone.

-Unhealthy Scratch Podcast - two comedians talking hockey.  Nothing overly insightful, but good for the jokes and the high level view of some teams.

Again, there's so many out there it's hard to keep track.  Post in the comments some of your favorites!

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