Prices for Premium Seats at the Vegas Golden Knights Home Opener are Astronomical

By Sam Blazer on August 21, 2017 at 9:03 am
T-Mobile Arena is the soon to be home of the Vegas Golden Knights
Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

As the 2017-18 NHL season is fast approaching, another team is joining the league and the Vegas Golden Knights are hoping to make an impact.

If they aren't going to make an impact on the ice, they are at least going to do so to their fans' checkbooks.

The team has a premium seating area in the arena, not exclusive to any loge box seating and they are charging a lot to sit there. This includes glass seats, center ice club seats, and opera boxes as well. 

The prices in those areas range from $395 to $2000 and that is only for the home opener. We aren't even discussing the resale market for the Golden Knights, which is going to be an equally hot ticket.

While the glass seats do include all-inclusive food and drinks, that is a lot of money that the team is hoping for its fans to spend.