Petey Pablo's 'Raise Up' Chosen As Carolina Hurricanes Goal Song After Fan Vote

By Kyle Morrison on August 23, 2018 at 10:15 am
The Carolina Hurricanes have chosen Petey Pablo's 'Raise Up' as their goal song
Carolina Hurricanes - Twitter

Take ya shirt off, Carolina Hurricanes fans, and twist it around your head like a helicopter.

That's right – Raleigh rapper Petey Pablo's 2001 anthem 'Raise Up' is the new Hurricanes goal song, topping a fan vote that the team ran earlier this month. The song topped a loaded field that included a techno remix of Brass Bonanza – one of hockey's most iconic goal songs – that harks back to the team's days as the Hartford Whalers.

For the uninitiated:

Petey Pablo had a message for all of the fans who voted for his song, which was conveyed by the team's social media accounts.

There aren't many hip hop songs in use as NHL goal songs – the Buffalo Sabres changed theirs to DJ Kool's 'Let Me Clear My Throat' back in 2015 – but that doesn't have the local tie-in of 'Raise Up'. 

Sure makes you think that the Black Keys' 'Ohio' would make for one hell of a goal song, right? 

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