Three Blue Jackets Hot Takes To Ponder During The Offseason

By Sam Blazer on May 15, 2017 at 8:33 am
Josh Anderson argues a call during their first round series against the Penguins.

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Not everyone that follows the Blue Jackets has the exact same opinion about every player and strategy. It is one of the best parts about following the team. You listen to a perspective you may not have considered and it brings different thoughts to light.

Before the weekend, I asked my twitter followers "what is the hottest Blue Jackets take you have?" I received all kinds of responses and with what started out as a simple question, I wanted to address a few of the more compelling "takes."

Josh Anderson... Expansion draft fodder?

A good friend of mine Paul Berthelot wrote a piece about Anderson and his status with the team. Specifically over whether or not he should be protected in the upcoming expansion draft.

Paul gave a sarcastic response to my tweet because of the flack he received. After reading his piece and the thought overall. It's not that hot of a take. 

Anderson is a good player, he had a good year. The repeatability of said year? Well, that's another story.

At a shooting percentage about 14% and a shot differential in the mid 40%, his impact is in one area only, goal scoring. It's a great area but the problem is, he isn't going to shoot at Alex Ovechkin level's his entire career. He showed more of his well rounded approach in the playoffs but it doesn't feel as if losing Anderson will be the end of the world like Paul said.

Mortgage the future for a number one center

The need for a top pivot in the middle is the big discussion early in the offseason. Many believe it will take the team to the next level.

I also don't believe this is too hot of a take. The Blue Jackets' front office has already stated that they will move any player they deem fit if they think it makes the team better. It hasn't been explicitly stated that the team needs a number one center. The assumption has been made considering Alex Wennberg's and Brandon Dubinsky's seasons, which many believe weren't good enough.

The Blue Jackets have the pieces to make it happen. Patience though is a virtue. They don't need to give up the world to get a player that will be a minimal improvement over Wennberg. Any center available won't be easy to get and none will be of the generational variety either. It would be a bandaid solution to a scar that doesn't need to be healed.

Bye, bye Bob?

Another good friend of mine, Matt weighed in on the hot take train and had one of my favorite takes. It is one he has been harping on for years.

Matt has written in the past about the lack of need for an exceptional goaltender. He believes that the team could benefit from putting his money elsewhere.

The expansion draft may be a tongue in cheek response but the idea of trading him is an idea to ponder. Bobrovsky's season was great. It means his value will be higher. As a goalie getting up there in years and a bit of an injury history, why not gauge the market. 

It leaves a big hole in the back but it could be repaired with a league average goaltender. The Blue Jackets don't have those behind Bobrovsky unfortunately. They can't just peel and replace. If the goalie pipeline gets truly full it could be an avenue to explore. 

$8 million put towards offense is enough money to make you salivate.


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