Three Takeaways from Artemi Panarin's First U.S. Press Conference as a Columbus Blue Jacket

By Sam Blazer on August 31, 2017 at 9:22 am
Artemi Panarin celebrates with fans at the United Center
Matt Marton-USA Today Sports

Artemi Panarin spoke for 20 or so minutes via his translator and agent, Dan Milstein and the topics ranged from nickname origins to conversations with his new head coach, John Tortorella.

It helped show the type of player he is set to be for the Columbus Blue Jackets, while simultaneously putting fans at ease about the new star. He displayed different attributes during his first U.S. press conference since being traded, these are the takeaways from it.

He is very funny

Whether it was the translator putting his own spin on Panarin's comments or not, the Russian forward showed off his personality. He told jokes throughout the press conference and even gave his new general manager Jarmo Kekalainen a "thank you" for sticking up for him when discussing Patrick Kane's influence on his play. 

He has a fun personality and for a team with a bunch of them, he should fit right in.

The expectations are sky high

Panarin expects a lot of himself but Kekalainen was very complimentary on his playing style as well. It was brought up how Panarin is expected to bring a "game breaking" technique to the Blue Jackets since they are missing that component.

While Panarin's point total in 2016-17 would have led the team in scoring, it will be a compelling story line all year long to see where he falls compared to his previous seasons. Like it or not, his Blackhawk season's will be used as a barometer during his time in Columbus.

Panarin is ready to prove himself

The questions about Patrick Kane were to be expected at the Panarin press conference, Together, they were one of the highest scoring duos of the past two seasons. One plays off of another and it becomes a bond. 

Panarin is ready to form a new bond. Kekalainen believes "he'll fit in perfectly" and the Blue Jackets will need him to be near perfect for the team to keep pace with its previous season. 

Panarin was never in the shadow while in Chicago but the spotlight is now firmly on the diminutive winger in his new town. The opportunity to be a superstar is his to seize.