The 1OB Mailbag: Trade Targets and Trade Acquisitions For the Columbus Blue Jackets

By Sam Blazer on November 3, 2018 at 12:15 pm
Boone Jenner leads Blue Jackets players down the ice to try and score.

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It is the second week of the 1st Ohio Battery mailbag, and we are chugging along. Some followed the directions, others didn't, but hey, I am not mad...just disappointed. 

This week's topic? Blue Jackets trade topics and thoughts.

A lot of names on the team have had rumors about them. Which are legitimate? Are there certain teams that might be interested in Blue Jackets players? 

As was the case last week, make sure to comment below on what you want to see in regard to topics for the mailbag!

User FritschePlease: Who are three teams that might make sense as Sergei Bobrovsky trade destinations?

Alright, right off the bat we are just going for it, huh? The three teams that make the most sense are the New York Islanders, St. Louis Blues and I would say the Los Angeles Kings. The first two make sense because they desperately need goaltending long-term. The Kings, on the other hand, would need him in just a rental sense. 

Not necessarily as keen on a trade as others seem to be, but if they are in it at the end of the season, it wouldn't surprise me if they held onto him. How much return can you really get for a goaltender at the deadline that might not be in the best form? Can you sell that potential? 

User BLUEJACKETSFANWPSL: (In regard to trading Bobrovsky) How well our team is doing in the standings or what the potential trade partners are offering?

It has to be a bit of both. If they are way out of it, yeah they will try and trade him. But by the same token, if they are knocked on their butt by an offer why wouldn't they take it? The Blue Jackets are always going to have irons in the fire, and they know that they'll need to extend other players. All options are on the table, and it wouldn't make sense for them to close off any avenues.

User WesBranscum: IS Bob out of Columbus by Thanksgiving? Or is this still Torts sending a message? 

Nah. I don't see how it is possible that Bobrovsky is out of here by Thanksgiving. When you think about it, he would really need to mess up for anything like that to happen. The team would also need to go on a historic losing streak to make something like that happen too. If that happens, it won't just be Bobrovsky leaving town either.

As stated elsewhere, Tortorella is sending a message, but it is nowhere near as intense as others want to make it. Bobrovsky needs to be better, and if he had a contract, he would be starting a lot more than he has been.

A lot of people are on the anti-Wennberg train. It is understandable. He plays on the edges and he really only passes the puck. But what he does is put players in a position to score. You can definitely not see him for a long period of time. It is going to be infuriating especially when peeking at his stat line. Yet if he is at least a half a point per game, he is keeping pace.

The league is starting to catch up to what he does. There would be a limited amount of takers for a straight up player for player deal. Could it be another case where a player succeeds elsewhere, and his potential is too much to pass up? 

Duchene feels like too big of an ask. Although it is noticeable when on certain nights Wennberg isn't a big force to be reckoned with, they need consistency from him.

If, and I mean if they make a trade for both I think it could end up being a mix of both. You obviously want a player that can play immediately, but it is tough with a rental. You'd have to get a beleaguered player in return and not a bonafide superstar. You would also look to the future as well hoping that prospects and picks pan out. 

There are so many variables coming into a trade for those players that any prediction is going to be hard. They also have two different value sets as well. Can you negotiate with either during the year? That would change their values a lot, and it would become a sweepstakes quickly. Simply, buckle up. It is going to change from week to week.

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