The Columbus Blue Jackets Are On The Verge Of Doing Something They Have Never, Ever Done (And It Ain't Good)

By Ed Francis on May 4, 2021 at 10:15 am
The Columbus Blue Jackets longest winning streak of the season is a cringe-worthy two games.
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The Columbus Blue Jackets franchise has had some rough years.

But in their 20th season, the club is on the cusp of something that not even the worst versions of the Blue Jackets have done before.

If they don't win their final three games of the season, they will complete the entire season without a winning streak of at least three games.

Shortest Winning Streak, By Season
Season Streak Season Streak
2000-01     4 2011-12     4
2001-02     3 2012-13*     5
2002-03     3 2013-14     8
2003-04     4 2014-15     9
2005-06     6 2015-16     3
2006-07     5 2016-17    16
2007-08     4 2017-18    10
2008-09     4 2018-19     5
2009-10     3 2019-20     6
2010-11     5 2020-21**     2
*48 games ... **56 games

In two of the four seasons where the longest streak was only three games, they did it multiple times, including four three-game streaks in the 2009-10 season.

The only season outside of the current season came in the strike-shortened 2012-13 campaign, which saw the Blue Jackets just miss out on a playoff spot in what would be their final season as a part of the western conference. Columbus and the Minnesota Wild both ended the season with 55 points, but Nashville had more wins and thus, got the final spot. In that season, the Blue Jackets went on two winning streaks of five games, and ended the season by winning the final three games.

Even if they defeat Nashville at Nationwide Arena Wednesday evening and sweep the Red Wings in the final pair of the year, they will still match the 2001-02 and 2002-03 Blue Jackets as the only teams in franchise history to win three (and only three) straight games.

Columbus is also, as of now, on pace for their 4th worst season over the last two decades when it comes to point percentage. They are currently averaging 0.83 points per game. If they lose out, they'll end up 3rd worst. If they win out, they can avoid a bottom-five franchise finish.

The ironic part is, if the Blue Jackets do win out, they will almost certainly play themselves out of a top five draft pick, something the club has had just once since 2012. 

Go Jackets?


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