Boone Jenner is on an Absolute Heater, and It Shouldn't Go Unnoticed

By Coby Maeir on November 22, 2022 at 10:15 am
Boone Jenner
Gaelen Morse-USA TODAY Sports

Boone Jenner is on fire.

He's scored seven goals in his last seven games, and his eight goals through the Blue Jackets' first 18 games puts him on pace to score 36 goals over an 82-game season. 

Analytically, he's been excellent as well. According to, he's tied with Jack Hughes for fifth among centers and 14th among skaters in 5v5 xG scored individually, and ranks 19th among centers in on-ice xG, per The stat shows how many xG Jenner himself has scored, while the stat shows the Blue Jackets' xG while he's on the ice. 

Is Jenner a true No. 1 center in the NHL? Depends on your definition of a No. 1 center. So far this season, he's certainly been one of the 32 best centers in the league, and by far and away the best center on the Blue Jackets. If your definition of a true No. 1 center is closer to mine in terms of being able to dominate both sides of the ice you'll come to find there are only about 5-10 players like that in the entire league, maybe. 

Regardless, he's been a major bright spot on the 7-10-1 Blue Jackets, and he's needed to be, especially given all the injuries this team has suffered just over a month into the season. 

Jenner hasn't scored 30 goals in a single season since 2015-16. If he keeps this pace up, he'll do it again in 2022-23. 


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