NCAA Approves Waiver for Blue Jackets Prospect Carson Meyer, Allowing Him to Play at Ohio State Immediately

By 1OB Staff on July 30, 2018 at 9:01 pm
Blue Jackets prospect Carson Meyer, now eligible to play at Ohio State.
Ohio State Athletics
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Blue Jackets prospect Carson Meyer wanted to be a Buckeye, but the rules said he had to wait. 

After declaring his intent to transfer from Miami (Ohio) to Ohio State earlier this summer, Meyer initially had to sit out a season because of the NCAA's transfer rules. But Meyer and Ohio State petitioned the NCAA for a waiver that would allow Meyer to play for the Buckeyes immediately, and on Monday night, that wish was granted.

Ohio State athletics made the announcement on Twitter:

As you recall, Meyer went through a scary tapeworm-related illness last season, and Miami staff and doctors were unable to figure out what was wrong. He had a strong freshman year for the RedHawks with 10 goals and 16 assists, but his sophomore year wasn't as strong, part of which could be attributed to the tapeworm.

So, Blue Jackets fans, you'll be able to see a Powell kid suiting up for the Buckeyes this fall. Who knows? Maybe the union blue sweater is next.

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