Twitter User Flipped A Coin to Simulate the NHL Playoff Bracket, and Predicted the Blue Jackets' Sweep of Tampa Bay

By Jacob Nitzberg on April 22, 2019 at 2:20 pm
The NHL coin flip bracket made by reddit user u/rshillin.
u/rshillin - Reddit

If you picked the Blue Jackets to beat Tampa Bay before the series, you should probably look into lottery tickets.

Almost no one foresaw the Blue Jackets advancing, and even fewer picked the Blue Jackets to sweep the Lightning. 

However, one magical item predicted the Blue Jackets' domination and sweep of the President's Trophy winners — this coin had success a year ago, as well, correctly predicting the Washington Capitals to win the Stanley Cup. Here's the receipt:

For each game, they flipped a coin to determine the winner, with heads and tails assigned to each team throughout a series.

In 2019, this coin not only projected the Blue Jackets to sweep Tampa, but it also has them going through Toronto (in 7 games), the New York Islanders (7 games), and San Jose (7 games) to win the Stanley Cup. Not bad, right?

In other matchups, the coin correctly predicted Colorado defeating Calgary, but in six games rather than five. It also correctly had St. Louis beating Winnipeg in six games, which was dead on. 

Its other correct pick was the New York Islanders over Pittsburgh. There is still a possibility for the "coin flip bracket" to correctly pick the winners of each of the first round matchups, which is incredible. 

We certainly hope the coin continues to be right.

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