"We Can Be A Presence": The Foligno-Jenner-Anderson Line Is Poised for A Successful Season

By Jacob Nitzberg on September 28, 2019 at 9:10 am
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It's the line that no one wants to play against.

It's got speed, a whole lot of strength, and a never-say-die attitude.

When Nick Foligno, Boone Jenner, and Josh Anderson take the ice together, it means the 5 opposing skaters are about to have one of their more intense shifts of the game.

“It’s a fun line because I think we can do a lot of different things," said Foligno. "I think we’re obviously heavy and can skate well. And then we also can get down low and grind. And also, you know, defensively responsible as well."

It doesn't help to have skill on both sides on the puck, and there's no question that this line is incredibly well-rounded.

Foligno continued, "I think we’re all guys that pride ourselves - we play the penalty kill - we pride ourselves on being a line that doesn’t spend a lot of time in our end. That’s gonna really help our team if we can be in the opposition's end, wearing them down."

The goal is clear: this line can match up against just about anyone in terms of talent, but their goal is to outwork them every chance they can get.

“It’s a good reminder of the way we need to play. We can be a presence. We got older guys now - Andy’s been in the league now - understands who he is and we can help him even excel as a player. And then Boone and I are gonna continue to get better as well. I think we pull a lot out of each other in certain aspects and I’m excited that I think our offense will be just as dangerous as our defense on that line," Foligno concluded.

In a season full of question marks regarding the lineup, you can feel free to pencil in 71-38-77 as a line that should make a lot of noise.

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