Kids Draw The Jackets: Gustav Nyquist Edition

By Sam Blazer on February 14, 2020 at 10:15 am

We've already seen a video before where the Columbus Blue Jacket players had to guess a player off of a drawing. They had a difficult time trying to figure Alexandre Texier, but most were able to get it after a little coaxing.

This time around they had to try and guess the player that apparently has a soul patch. Many would guess Riley Nash but the final answer was Gus Nyquist who seemed genuinely impressed with the drawing after taking a second or two to appreciate it.

I'm ready for the kids to start getting into players that have really distinctive looks. I am talking Joonas Korpisalo or Zach Werenski. I want to see how quickly they can be guessed and also how well these kids are able to draw them.

Oddly, this has been one of my favorite segments from the team YouTube account this year. Getting the players involved is nice but getting glimpses into their personality is even better.

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