Zach Werenski Shows Off NHL 20 Skills, Soundly Defeats Mike Grinnell of the Spittin' Chiclets Podcast

By Jacob Nitzberg on April 24, 2020 at 8:05 am

Have some mercy, Zach Werenski.

The Blue Jackets' star defenseman has apparently been spending his quarantine becoming unstoppable at NHL 20, and there's proof. He took on Mike Grinnell of the Spittin Chiclet's podcast, and the game was, well, not close. 

*Warning: NSFW language* 

First, Werenski made it 3-0 on a penalty shot just 12 minutes into the first period, finishing with a nifty move.

In the next clip, some time has passed, and it's now 17-0. Werenski capitalizes on a turnover, finds the open man, and buries the puck with a one-timer to make it 18-0 with just over 3 minutes to play in the third period.

Finally, with just 11 seconds left on the clock, Werenski notched goal number 20 and put an exclamation point on the massive blowout.

Due to COVID-19, life as we know it has been turned completely upside-down. It's nice to see Werenski play some hockey, even if it's just NHL 20. It's even nicer to see him winning, 20-0.